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  • samglover
    How Would You Fix Legal Education?
    Lisa's analysis (here's part 1 and part 2) of the draft report from the ABA Task Force on the Future of Legal Education breaks its recommendations down into their component parts. But what everyone agrees on is that something needs to change. The ta…
    samglover 51 views 1 comment Most recent by mattjames
  • samglover
    Why Lawyers Will Benefit from UFO Disclosure
    Um, okay: Hopefully at some point soon some very large powerful legal firms could become involved in disclosure out of self interest. The huge amounts of profit to be made through lawsuits and protection from lawsuits should be great enough of…
    samglover 52 views 0 comments Started by samglover
  • samglover
    Is An Estate Plan Really a Good Graduation Gift?
    I came across an article in the Wall Street Journal. The gist is that college students ought to get some basic estate planning done, since they are 18 but probably still want their parents to have a say in their care and finances if anything should …
    samglover 91 views 2 comments Most recent by brianmandel
  • samglover
    New TCPA Rules Go Into Effect This Month
    I added TCPA claims to my FDCPA lawsuits once or twice, and got bitten when the defense removed those claims to state court. I understand the TCPA looks way better to class action lawyers. The new rules, which go into effect on October 16th, don'…
    samglover 81 views 4 comments Most recent by samglover
  • samglover
    "Excessive and Shocking" to Fire a Teacher for Bringing 20 Bags of Heroin to Jury Duty
    After all, Judge Mendez credited the teacher’s testimony that he only indulged his heroin habit over the weekend — never on school days. Moreover, the teacher claimed he had been off heroin for a long time prior to his arrest, and had merely "forgot…
    samglover 161 views 0 comments Started by samglover
  • AaronStreet
    Should You Be Paranoid about "Exif" Meta Data in Your Photos?
    Here's a really interesting article about a form of digital meta data that I'm certain most attorneys don't know about: The Hidden Data Your Photos Are Giving Away | The Kernel "Exif" data is attached to most digital photos and includes huge a…
    AaronStreet 391 views 2 comments Most recent by samglover
  • samglover
    What the ABA wants to do about law schools
    The ABA Task Force on the Future of Legal Education released its draft report and recommendations (pdf) today. Here are the highlights, from the Key Conclusions section: * Tuition pricing and funding practices favor high LSAT/GPA students, so t…
    samglover 131 views 1 comment Most recent by mattjames
  • Ben Fosland
    Offering Registered Agent Services
    I was recently working on setting up a Montana LLC for a client who resides in another state. As I was putting together the articles of organization, I started to wonder about the registered agent for the company. The company is being organized fo…
    Ben Fosland 41 views 2 comments Most recent by mkt
  • samglover
    There's competitive, and then there's spying on a study group with a stethescope
    Here's the accompanying text from reddit: I go to a competitive law school. Friend was studying in a library when suddenly this guy showed up, pressed a stethoscope against the window, and started secretly listening in on a group study session…
    samglover 71 views 1 comment Most recent by Adam Lilly
  • samglover
    Scott Greenfield catches on to the absurdity of mandatory binding arbitration
    It’s fine to adore the concept of arbitration and expound upon its virtues, but the devil is always in the details.  When the details make it ridiculously onerous to use, then arbitration is just as evil, if not more so, than any other means of disp…
    samglover 21 views 2 comments Most recent by samglover
  • samglover
    The blogging Q&A thread
    Whether you are a blogger already or just curious about becoming one, here is a discussion thread for you! Post your questions and thoughts about blogging here, and I will answer. I'm sure other law bloggers in the LAB will, too.  I love bloggin…
    samglover 51 views 2 comments Most recent by samglover
  • samglover
    The social media privilege
    According to Lawyers.com, over 60% of users of social networks (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Vine) think that what they post could not be used against them in court. Apparently they believe there is some sort of "social media privilege" th…
    samglover 131 views 2 comments Most recent by samglover
  • samglover
    What did you do after finishing the Bar Exam?
    I remember clearly what I did before the Bar Exam (my now-wife and I spent a week at my uncle's cabin, studying and trying to relax). I vaguely remember taking the Bar Exam itself (I brought the wrong pen, and my hand ached by the time I finished). …
    samglover 236 views 9 comments Most recent by paulspitz
  • samglover
    The prisoner's dilemma, with actual prisoners
    You probably encountered the Prisoner's Dilemma in law school, if not before. Here's the basic problem: Two criminals are arrested, but police can’t convict either on the primary charge, so they plan to sentence them to a year in jail on a lesse…
    samglover 81 views 0 comments Started by samglover
  • KentuckyCtReporters
    Would changing court reporters' fee structure change your approach to litigation?
    The single greatest cost in litigation after expert fees and a lawyer's time is most likely court reporting fees. These fees can be particularly burdensome on solo and small-firm lawyers who usually front these expenses. The court reporting industry…
    KentuckyCtReporters 61 views 2 comments Most recent by KentuckyCtReporters
  • samglover
    How do you prepare for oral argument?
    I argued an appeal last week, which was my first oral argument in nearly a year. But I used to argue a lot of motions, and I realized as I was preparing for last week's argument that I have developed a routine for preparing for important arguments. …
    samglover 86 views 0 comments Started by samglover
  • samglover
    Digital asset inventory
    As some of you know, I'm involved with an estate planning startup. I'm not going to try to promote it here, but I do want to show off a free tool we just put together, our Digital Asset Inventory. There are no strings and no catches. We just wanted …
    samglover 41 views 2 comments Most recent by samglover
  • samglover
    How to mark all discussions as viewed
    If you get intimidated by seeing a large number of un-viewed discussions when you visit the Lab, it's easy to mark the whole forum "read" so you will only see new and newly-updated discussions the next time you visit. To do this, just click the ge…
    samglover 1 view 0 comments Started by samglover
  • EliC
    Business/corporate law as a solo practice area?
    Hey all. I'm starting work at a large "biglaw" firm after graduation and have my pick of litigation or corporate practice groups. Honestly, I'm on the fence. What I do know, though, is that my goal is to one day go out on my own and build my own sma…
    EliC 1.3K views 6 comments Most recent by ADHesq
  • SBSyptak
    Entity Formation by Accountants & Bookkeepers
    On several occasions I've had clients bring me their documents for their LLC, Corporation, or Limited Partnership that was formed by an accountant or bookkeeper. The accountant/bookkeeper usually files the Certificate of Formation with (in Texas) th…
    SBSyptak 131 views 4 comments Most recent by SBSyptak

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