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  • samglover
    Which current-gen gaming system do you own?
    I'm going to buy a new gaming system, but I'm not sure whether to get an Xbox One or Playstation 4. I'm curious what you have/recommend. (Figuring out which system allows me to race/kill more lawyers online seems like as good a way to choose as any.…
    samglover 63 views 18 comments Most recent by nnynas
  • AFF
    Etsy for office signs?
    Has anyone used Etsy or an online provider for a custom office sign? I've ordered a vinyl decal for the glass door, but would like to get a wood/metal sign for the outside wall. Just wanted to see if anyone had any recommendations.
    AFF 52 views 1 comment Most recent by JasonCarpenter
  • PigSwigger
    How to Exceed Partner Expectations?
    I'm a 3L who has an externship at a great firm with a good chance for a job there once I pass the bar. I'm a GTD practitioner and have been doing good work - returning assignments before deadlines, seeking out work, asking questions, demonstrating a…
    PigSwigger 72 views 4 comments Most recent by AFF
  • AaronStreet
    Netflix "Making a Murderer" Discussion (Spoilers)
    If you haven't yet watched "Making a Murderer" on Netflix, stop reading now and go watch it. Really. Assuming you've watched it (presumably in 10 hours straight), what did you think? Who did it? What can we learn about lawyering and criminal just…
    AaronStreet 313 views 12 comments Most recent by Aaron_Sandvig
  • ReedJessen
    How often do your potential clients get conflicted out?
    Hello Everyone, How often do you wine & dine a potential client only to find our that you are conflicted out after she has agreed to representation? I assume this occurs from time to time but I am finding it difficult to find any academic resear…
    ReedJessen 26 views 3 comments Most recent by Jamie Sutton
  • samglover
    Instapaper v. Pocket
    Which do you use for savings articles to read later? If you've compared them, why did you pick the one you use?
    samglover 122 views 7 comments Most recent by samglover
  • samglover
    Sneaky ways to get a lawyer disqualified from a case?
    I'm working on a short story in which one lawyer wants to get revenge on another lawyer by getting him disqualified from a big case. Both are plaintiff-side PI lawyers, if that helps. Only the protagonist is representing a party in the case. If you …
    samglover 281 views 3 comments Most recent by samglover
  • samglover
    What's the greatest challenge you face in your law practice?
    This week I have an open-ended question, because I expect to get many different answers. The greatest challenge for a new solo is probably not what's hardest for a new associate at a small firm, or for the owner of a 20–lawyer firm. When you thin…
    samglover 694 views 10 comments Most recent by AFF
  • samglover
    Tell us what's on your holiday wish list for 2015
    What's on your wish list for whichever solstice holiday(s) you celebrate? (Mine: Dungeons and Dragons Starter Set, Lamy Logo fountain pen, and even though I don't even like wearing watches, an Apple Watch.)
    samglover 383 views 21 comments Most recent by andycabs
  • samglover
    Getting Started with Espresso
    Every time I write about coffee, someone asks me about cheap espresso machines. Get that idea out of your head. There is no such thing as cheap when it comes to making your own espresso at home. (Yes, a Nespresso system has a low up-front cost, but …
    samglover 132 views 3 comments Most recent by samglover
  • Benjamin Wright
    Is running your own blog worth it for new lawyers?
    There's been discussion of this topic before, but I'd like to talk about it specifically for new lawyers. I don't dispute the many professional benefits of writing, but blogging is a big commitment. It requires consistency and persistence, and it…
    Benjamin Wright 441 views 11 comments Most recent by Burt Hunter
  • Ann_del_Llano
    Merged: Firm Central
    This discussion has been merged.
    Ann_del_Llano 81 views 0 comments Started by Ann_del_Llano
  • Josh Camson
    How Do You Take Notes on Your Laptop?
    When I'm in court for any kind of proceeding, I try to take notes on my laptop. I no longer use a tablet at all, so my options are laptop or paper. I usually just use MS Word but it's a bit clunky. For example, it's tough to keep track of possible c…
    Josh Camson 144 views 5 comments Most recent by COJDRunner
  • samglover
    What are you reading this summer?
    I'm reading Jim Butcher's Codex Alera series. Each book starts out slowly, but after a few chapters they are impossible to put down. If you are into straight fantasy, anyway. I am also reading Allison Shields's book, How to Do More In Less Time: …
    samglover 101 views 12 comments Most recent by COJDRunner
  • jktlawyer
    Docusign in California Courts
    In CA, electronic signatures can be used on a contract to purchase a home. However, my interpretation of the California Rules of Court, and my experience practicing, is that electronic signatures cannot be used on court documents such as stipulation…
    jktlawyer 58 views 0 comments Started by jktlawyer
  • samglover
    Is Eyewitness Testimony Reliable? ("Watch A Roomful Of People Condemn 5 Innocent Men")
    This is not news to anyone with criminal law experience, but it is always worth reminding everyone that eyewitness testimony is basically worthless. Here's a quote from the video: "73% of the 239 convictions overturned through DNA testi…
    samglover 211 views 3 comments Most recent by BrianByrd
  • Felicity_Hardee
    Real Estate Closing Software
    I would be interested in input from other forum members about closing software. I am using SoftPro which, until recently, had good customer service and was very full featured. However, the customer service has really deteriorated and it is so expe…
    Felicity_Hardee 101 views 4 comments Most recent by Felicity_Hardee
  • jktlawyer
    Solo Billing Rates and Practices for Administrative Tasks
    I currently have one paralegal and two assistants. I charge $300 an hour for my time, $150 an hour for my paralegal's time, and $100 for administrative staff's time. I mostly practice family law (Divorce / Child Custody) and some criminal defense an…
    jktlawyer 739 views 7 comments Most recent by cdenmon
  • samglover
    Of the things you use most, which do you love least?
    In other words, of the tools you use to practice law, which are most in need of improvement? I suppose PACER and CM/ECF are probably at the top of every litigator's list. Evernote is near the top of mine, along with Microsoft Word. What about …
    samglover 182 views 2 comments Most recent by thedansherman
  • spectechjuston
    Comment Spam
    I've posted a few comments on articles here and they keep getting flagged as spam. Just wondering why/how that keeps happening?
    spectechjuston 71 views 1 comment Most recent by samglover

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