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This is our water cooler, our general and off-topic discussion forum. Post anything you like in here that does not fit in one of the other categories.
  • samglover
    Needles Case Management Software
    Every time I go to TechShow, I see a booth for Needles case management software, which seems to be targeted at personal injury lawyers. I've gotten a peek at the software at the booth, and based on that, it looks just terrible. It looks like it may …
    samglover 2K views 15 comments Most recent by PhilEsq
  • newlife2649
    Trust/IOLTA Accounting Audit
    For those of you who use trust accounting, would you be adequately prepared to pass a surprise audit on your trust accounting records? If you have been audited recently, could you share your thoughts on the process and what you think is the best wa…
    newlife2649 339 views 13 comments Most recent by JeremyDanilson
  • Greg Broiles
    Business card designer/printer
    I'm looking for an online printer that will work up a business card design/template from one of my existing cards, and then print them (2 color) on reasonable stock at a reasonable price. I'm trying to find something in between VistaPrint and the su…
    Greg Broiles 849 views 26 comments Most recent by Majay
  • GregClaessens
    Lawyerist Site Redesign?
    I think one of the podcasts mentioned a redesign and Lawyerist looks a little different (maybe). There is a lot on here about web design detail, is lawyerist going to share what it changed and why? Also, checked the site on ios mobile and it looks…
    GregClaessens 82 views 7 comments Most recent by samglover
  • samglover
    The Fountain Pen Thread
    I don't know if anyone besides Aaron and I are fountain pen enthusiasts, but I thought we might need a thread for those of us who are. Brad Perri recently turned us on to Noodler's Ink (http://www.noodlersink.com/), which is awesome ink you can use…
    samglover 5.3K views 54 comments Most recent by arthuritis
  • Erik Johnson
    Collections Companies - how to sell unpaid invoices?
    I'm a younger solo and have a constant problem with clients who take forever to pay. Until recently, I figured my only recourse would be to threaten small claims, which takes time and money and isn't really that much of a threat. I recently spoke …
    Erik Johnson 179 views 1 comment Most recent by samglover
  • samglover
    What's on Your 2016 Holiday Wish List?
    The holidays are coming up, and most people celebrate some form of gift-giving over the next couple of months. So what's on your wish list? Here's mine: * A pair of comfortable jeans. * This hoodie * Interesting whiskey * Books, including…
    samglover 243 views 4 comments Most recent by chadmurray
  • AFF
    Memes in offer letters
    Millenial lawyering alert - anyone use any particularly funny memes in response to ridiculous offer or demand letters?Something from Game of Thrones, perhaps? I can think of a couple times where it would have been fun to say "You know nothing" like …
    AFF 394 views 10 comments Most recent by jvjvlawbusmgr
  • Brad Rosen
    Listserv Recommendations Anyone?
    I am part of leadership of a lawyer networking group in the Chicago area where lawyers of different disciplines and practice areas come together to share referrals, information and general collegiality. We have frequent in person meetings and get-to…
    Brad Rosen 150 views 8 comments Most recent by gyitsakalakis
  • KennyBrendan
    Repurposing Comments to Your Articles for Other Articles?
    Anyone repurpose comments to your articles for other articles or other uses? I'd like to riff off some of the comments to my Lawyerist articles, but I'm not sure how to do this effectively. Anyone have any experience with this?
    KennyBrendan 43 views 4 comments Most recent by KennyBrendan
  • Brad Rosen
    Merged: Slack Attack!
    This discussion has been merged.
    Brad Rosen 1 view 0 comments Started by Brad Rosen
  • samglover
    Is anyone's law office a training gym in Pokémon Go?
    I know some of you are playing it. It's bigger than Twitter by now! I've even heard from one tax lawyer who is trying to take over all the training gyms near the IRS offices in his town. My girls love to catch Pokémon from the back of the car whe…
    samglover 632 views 25 comments Most recent by samglover
  • samglover
    Forum Updates
    I spent some time polishing up the forum last night and this morning. Now the fonts match those on the main site, and I cleaned things up a bit. Hopefully everything looks just a bit shinier than it did yesterday. If you run into anything that lo…
    samglover 63 views 9 comments Most recent by thedansherman
  • Steven Chung
    For those (still) paying student loans, how much interest did you pay in 2015? See your Form 1098Es
    Hello all. I'm preparing tax returns and saw how much student loan interest some of my clients are paying. Im just curious as to how much others have paid in 2015. The range is $1000 to $19,000. I'll start with me. I paid $895 in 2015.
    Steven Chung 52 views 5 comments Most recent by chadmurray
  • williamanderson
    Ink Color
    What is your primary ink color for taking notes? Any particular reason you chose that color?
    williamanderson 43 views 3 comments Most recent by thedansherman
  • Scott Kimberly
    Lawyernomics 2016
    Anyone attending the Lawyernomics Conference next week? I will be in town, but do not currently plan to attend the conference (Boycotting the Agenda that is missing Sam Glover). If other Lawyerist enthusiasts are around, would love to grab a mid-…
    Scott Kimberly 83 views 1 comment Most recent by samglover
  • samglover
    Help Me Come Up With "Ranks" for the Lab
    I've just turned on a plugin that automatically "ranks" Lab members based on the number of upvotes their posts receive. More upvotes gets you promoted. Your rank shows up as stars next to your name. (Or "Mod" or "Admin" in the case of those roles.) …
    samglover 92 views 15 comments Most recent by samglover
  • AFF
    Has anyone ever bought anything from a cold call?
    Has anyone ever bought anything from a cold call to your law firm? I get 2-3 a week, usually from a web marketing vendor. Can we all agree not to buy anything from a cold call? If we do that, will they go away? Probably not. I doubt anyone readin…
    AFF 32 views 3 comments Most recent by Adam Lilly
  • JennySmith
    Conference Recommendations
    I am a newly licensed attorney and I would like to know which legal conferences, in particular in California, are the best to attend as a new attorney. Also, I am considering the Legal Tech conference in SF in June. Has anyone attended before? Is…
    JennySmith 12 views 5 comments Most recent by JennySmith
  • samglover
    Moved: Reviewing Electronic Case Files
    This discussion has been moved.
    Closed samglover 1 view 0 comments Started by samglover

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