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Lawyerist Site Redesign?

I think one of the podcasts mentioned a redesign and Lawyerist looks a little different (maybe). There is a lot on here about web design detail, is lawyerist going to share what it changed and why? Also, checked the site on ios mobile and it looks great and works well.


  • samgloversamglover Minneapolis, MN Admin

    Thanks for noticing!

    I did post when I launched the refresh, but this is a great place to go deeper. I'd be happy to discuss the redesign in greater depth, especially as lots of the changes are under the hood.

  • GregClaessensGregClaessens Salem, OR

    I looked (as best I know how through inspect) and noticed you use mail chimp. Do you guys like it? Does it connect with a CRM? I suppose your site needs are different from a lot of your audience.

    Also you have embedded google analytics and google tag manager. I am familiar with the analytics add but how are utilizing google tag manager? Does it allow you to customize tracking analytics? Does it have anything to do with adwords?

  • samgloversamglover Minneapolis, MN Admin
    edited January 10

    Yeah, our needs are definitely different from a typical small firm's needs, but MailChimp is a really good email platform. From a user perspective, it's just one of the nicest email marketing interfaces I've seen. And it integrates with lots of things. We don't plug it into a CRM, but you can. Here is the integrations directory.

    What you're seeing on our page is the code for MailChimp's campaign tracker. It lets us see in the MailChimp report how many recipients of the email went on to download something—a free white paper, in this case:

    Basically, it's reading the results from Easy Digital Downloads, which is the WordPress plugin we use for all our downloads, free and otherwise. If you want to sell or give away a template or other document on your website, I highly recommend it (along with the Free Downloads extension). We also have MailChimp plugged into EDD so you can easily sign up for our newsletter (only if you want to) when downloading something.

    The Google tag manager code is actually code for DoubleClick, which is what we use for an ad server. DoubleClick does all the complicated math for distributing the display ad campaigns evenly over the course of the month (typically).

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