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Has anyone ever bought anything from a cold call?

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Has anyone ever bought anything from a cold call to your law firm?

I get 2-3 a week, usually from a web marketing vendor. Can we all agree not to buy anything from a cold call? If we do that, will they go away? Probably not. I doubt anyone reading lawyerist buys something from a cold call, but jeez. Can we all agree to shame attorneys that do? I think this is a worthy project for the bar association to take on: protect solos from annoying interruptions and thereby improve justice, or lower blood pressure. Just wanted to vent.


  • samgloversamglover Minneapolis, MN Admin

    I support your venting. Cold calls are the worst.

  • Adam LillyAdam Lilly Cumming, Georgia
    edited March 2016

    I've never bought anything from them, agreed to set up the meeting they want, or given them "just 2 minutes" to hear the spiel. I don't see how the economics of the system works in their favor, but there must either be a good number of people going for it, or they're really ripping off however many do. Or both.

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