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Reviewing Electronic Case Files

So I'm not a lawyer but I've been reading about your electronic file management ideas and I'm curious. I know that in days past you could just mark up paper with notes and corrections (like during a consultation) How do you do that when everything is electronic? Thanks for your responses.



  • samgloversamglover Minneapolis, MN Admin

    Some people take notes using a tablet and stylus (iPad, Surface). Others take notes with a paper and pen and scan them. This is my preference.

    For marking up a document, you can just use Track Changes in Word, which leaves a better trail of changes than using a pen on a printout. Or you can print the document, mark it up, and either scan it or discard it after you make the changes.

    There are plenty of ways to do this, and no rules except one: no matter how you take notes, make sure you convert them to digital at some point so you can include them in The File.

  • That's good advice. I do IT Procurement management and I think that is something we need to implement for the management of our IT Procurement requests and reviews.

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