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Conference Recommendations

I am a newly licensed attorney and I would like to know which legal conferences, in particular in California, are the best to attend as a new attorney. Also, I am considering the Legal Tech conference in SF in June. Has anyone attended before? Is it worth the time and money?


  • samgloversamglover Minneapolis, MN Admin

    I can't speak to CA conferences, but LegalTech is mostly about e-discovery for BigLaw, from what I can tell. If that sounds relevant to your practice, go for it. Otherwise, I would only go if you can do it on the cheap.

  • JennySmithJennySmith California

    Do you know of a legal technology conference that is worth going to outside of the ABA Tech Show? Chicago is a bit far..

  • samgloversamglover Minneapolis, MN Admin

    I mean, ABA TECHSHOW is the legal tech conference every year. The Clio Cloud Conference is also great, but also in Chicago.

    If Chicago doesn't work for you and LegalTech doesn't satisfy, I think you'll have to look to your local bar association.

  • ramseyhanafiramseyhanafi San Francisco, CA

    Are you in Northern California? If you're plaintiff's bar, San Francisco Trial Lawyer's Association (SFTLA) is a great organization and they sponsor regular events, CLE's, etc., and have a New Lawyer Division which is great for networking.

  • JennySmithJennySmith California

    That sounds great. How wide of a net does the SFTLA cast? I am in Northern California, but about an hour and a half north of Sacramento...

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