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Business card designer/printer

I'm looking for an online printer that will work up a business card design/template from one of my existing cards, and then print them (2 color) on reasonable stock at a reasonable price. I'm trying to find something in between VistaPrint and the super-traditional old-school printers that hear "attorney" and think I want to spend $1 per card.

Has anyone found someone like that they've been happy with? My recollection was that Matthew Butterick recommended a printer in the Chicago area but I can't seem to track down that reference.



  • austin_brandtaustin_brandt Indianapolis

    MOO might be a good fit for you. They produce high-quality cards at about $0.50 a pop. So more than VistaPrint but less than your local copy shop. They offer the same level of customization as VistaPrint as well (use a template or upload your own design). If you need any design work I could happily recommend some freelancers I've used in the past.

  • thedanshermanthedansherman Maple Plain, MN

    RLD did some really nice cards for us, $0.14/card: http://www.rldprint.com/pages/businesscards/raised_p_business.html

    We already had our design, but it looks like they do design work too.

  • CPollackCPollack Atlanta, GA
    edited February 2014

    I can't stand VistaPrint because the size of their cards is slightly smaller than standard. Rather, I've used http://www.123print.com/ to print cards (although not for my law practice...my firm handles that). They've always done a good job at a very good price. You can upload a design or use one of their templates.

  • JBISENJBISEN California

    I used Overnight Prints and loved what I got from them. They were really high quality cards. I used one of their designs, but you can upload your own.

  • jamcauliffjamcauliff Tulsa, Oklahoma

    I recently redesigned my business card entirely by adding a custom logo created and designed for me for $60.00 http://jam-digitalmedia.com/ with raised print on one side and my business information on the other side with a QR code link to my website. They actually had to print my card 3 times. Once to get the parched paper look, once to print my business info and finally my raised logo. I spent $107.00 for 500 cards on linen stock at my local print shop "Quik Print" Eddie Kerschen
    Quik Print,402 S. Main,Tulsa, OK 74103, downtown@qptulsa.com
    My designer forwarded me the PSD, JPEG and PNG taransparent files needed by the printer, which I can use for other marketing accessories. Everything was done by email. Email me if you want to see my business card.

  • samgloversamglover Minneapolis, MN Admin

    @jamcauliff said:
    Email me if you want to see my business card.

    Why wouldn't you just attach the images of the front and back of your card to your post?

  • jamcauliffjamcauliff Tulsa, Oklahoma

    Attached is my business card. Obviously the more complex the logo and the time associated creating the same is more costly. Mine was very simple which is what I really like

  • UPrinting.com offers a number of high-quality products for reasonable prices. I chose to purchase my cards from them due to their offering of sizes and shapes other than the standard (e.g. I chose rounded corners). The quality and heft of the cardstock is excellent and looks and feels "premium." The only downside is that you must upload your own design or create one using their online design tool. There were no stock designs available when I ordered my cards, but that may have changed by now. Customer service was very responsive and helpful, and I recall them offering design assistance if needed. Finally, sign up for their mailing list or search online for discount codes before ordering.

  • I use Print for less. 4 Color. Printing front and back from my art work. A beautiful card! 500 cost $76.25 with shipping. Cheaper if you do one side.

  • Is there any reason why you wouldn't consider using a local printer? I do that and they do a great job.

  • RHKarlssonRHKarlsson Cambridge, MA

    I'm curious where VistaPrint is coming up short. If it's their designs, you can create a custom design in Adobe Illustrator and upload it to VistaPrint. If it's the paper, that's a different story.

  • I use Zazzle and get compliments all the time

  • "Is there any reason why you wouldn't consider using a local printer? I do that and they do a great job."

    I'd really like to be able to [re]order cards without having to drive somewhere during business hours and talk to someone - my general preference is for small, local businesses (because that's what I have, among other things) but this is a small enough piece of the big puzzle that I'd really like to be able to finish it with 20 minutes of effort on a Sunday afternoon and my credit card, not make 2 car trips during business hours.

    What I haven't liked about Vistaprint is that - at least for the stuff from them that I've recognized as Vistaprint - it looks cheap/free, and has Vistaprint advertising on it. When someone hands me a free business card with someone else's advertising on it, I think "oh, here's someone who's not even committed enough to their own business to spend $50 on real business cards" and it doesn't exactly inspire confidence.

    I realize that they do other printing, and maybe it's indistinguishable from other printers in quality, but they're so strongly associated with the "free/cheap business card" model in my mind that I'm wary of interacting with them. I'm afraid that I'll end up with a box of cards I'll be embarrassed to use, and I'll have wasted a couple of weeks waiting for them.

    I appreciate everyone's thoughts and ideas.

  • samgloversamglover Minneapolis, MN Admin

    For what it's worth, I've been using Vistaprint for years, and my cards look great. I regularly get compliments on them. If you've got well-designed business cards, there's no reason you can't use Vistaprint.

    I don't know if it matters, but I have designed all my cards myself in either GIMP or Photoshop. I don't use embossing. But the colors have been good, and I've never been disappointed.

    Having said that, I'm not a Vistaprint fanboy or anything. It's cheap, and that's about it. Every time I go through the checkout, I'm annoyed at all the upsell screens.

    But hey, it's cheap, and my cards usually arrive in a week, so I keep buying cards from Vistaprint.

  • I'd say Zazzle just if you need a better baked in template. Vistaprint for price and fine quality. I just hate their templates for their cards. I ordered a box of vistaprint folders and they're excellent.

  • While exploring a solution to this problem, I noticed that the user interfaces for the Fedex/Kinko's online business card ordering system and for the Vistaprint ordering system are identical, down to even the font choices. So perhaps one is outsourcing to the other, or they're both using a 3rd party service provider/software package. I dunno.

  • They're both using Vistaprint.

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