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READ THIS FIRST: How to Be An Awesome Lab Poster

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Welcome to the Lab! It's a discussion forum—sort of like Stack Exchange or Reddit—but for lawyers. You can start or participate in discussions, ask and answer questions, or just read and learn. Your call.

Why post? One, because we have a great community, and it's fun. Two, to get answers to your questions!

The rest of this post contains a few basic things you probably ought to know about participating in the Lab. If you are a seasoned user of forums, you probably know them already. If you aren't (or if you sell things to lawyers), you might want to keep reading.

Moderation in All Things

The Lab is moderated by the community as well as by the admins and official moderators. Anyone can report a post for being spammy or inappropriate. To avoid that fate, keep your posts coherent, relevant, and respectful.

  • Coherent. Use that high-priced education and write with appropriate capitalization, and in complete sentences.
  • Relevant. Stay on topic. If you want to go off on a tangent, it's easy to post a new thread.
  • Respectful. Flame wars were awesome on Usenet and IRC, and that's where they belong.

If you have a question about appropriate content, please send a PM to one of the admins.


Use your own name, or an alias. Do not use a "branded" alias like the name of your company. If you use a branded username, we will change it to your name if we can figure out what it is, or just decline your application. (You are welcome to reapply with your real name or a non-branded alias.)


No self-promotion or solicitation in the Lab. This goes double for coaches, consultants, and gurus, and it includes spammy usernames (like using the name of your company instead of your name or an alias). If you violate this rule, you will get one warning. You will be banned if you violate it twice. We reserve the right to ban on the first violation if you're particularly obnoxious.

That said, we love having vendors in the Lab. It's awesome when discussions about products spring up and vendors chime in. We welcome that; just don't sell.

Signing Your Posts

Please don't sign your posts and comments. It makes you look like a n00b. Your name, social media profiles, avatar, and a link to your website are right there, right next to everying you post. Please remember to remove your signature and disclaimers if you are responding by email, as well.

Repetitive Threads

Please try not to post repetitive threads. That is, if someone has already started a thread about X, please post any new, on-topic questions in that thread instead of starting a new one. Basically, just do a quick search before posting a new thread.

Using the Forum

Finally, a couple of tips on composing posts. When you compose a post or response, you will be drafting in plain text. The editor also recognizes Markdown, or you can use simple HTML.

If you don't know anything about either and don't want to learn, that's fine. The toolbar has buttons for the basics.

You can also attach files and insert them into your posts. Go ahead and get creative!

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  • samgloversamglover Minneapolis, MN Admin
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    The question of relevance (staying on topic) has come up a couple of times. Here's the deal. When you veer off on a tangent, you may derail the thread entirely. That may mean the original question never gets answered, or the subject fizzles out, drowned out by the off-topic posts.

    Just start a new discussion thread. Don't be shy.

    If a thread starts going off topic, I may delete off-topic comments or split them off into a new thread.

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    No Introductions

    Please don't post introductions. Update your profile, instead.

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