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SEO Strategy & Costs

I am starting to get emails from firms that do SEO offering their services. Its something I have been thinking about. I talked to one marketing firm and they said it would be about $2,000/month. I am not willing to pay that amount.

My SEO strategy to date has just been to write articles for different reputable websites and use social media to publicize it. This drives traffic to my site and has resulted in several clients and has placed me high up on the Google search engine when my name is searched. However, I am nowhere to be found in terms of Google searches for business lawyers in my regions. My niche, Gen Y biz owners, is fairly new so don’t think my ideal clients would search ‘Gen Y law.’

Anywho, would love to have a chat about what others are doing for search engine optimization. And if anyone has hired a firm to handle SEO, if you don’t mind disclosing your strategy for finding a reputable firm and the cost of using the firm, I’d love to know that.

Thank you!


  • samgloversamglover Minneapolis, MN Admin
    You are right to be suspicious of SEO firms that send unsolicited e-mails. But I'd say the fee you were quoted is about right. SEO takes time, knowledge, some skill, and a good SEO firm will not compete with itself (i.e., have two clients competing for the same search terms). Those things cost money.

    Aaron and I do most of our own SEO for Lawyerist. It is mostly about getting the details right. For example, Aaron pointed out that whenever I link to my consumer law blog, Caveat Emptor, I tend to link the text "Caveat Emptor" instead of the text "consumer law blog." That's bad SEO.

    We also use a WordPress plugin, Scribe (scribeseo.com) to help. It doesn't do everything, but getting 100% on every post and page--for the keywords you want--is a huge start.

    Also, here are a few posts from our archives, to get you started:

    - http://lawyerist.com/basic-seo.....law-firms/
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       - http://lawyerist.com/law-firm-seo-tools/
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  • AaronStreetAaronStreet Minneapolis, MN Admin

    Great questions.

    In response, we'll plan to put together a LAB webinar (or series) on DIY SEO.

    I agree with Sam that the fee you were quoted is entirely reasonable for good SEO, but that you can probably get 90% of what you want on your own. This isn't the case for everyone, but you are clearly tech-savvy enough to figure out some of our favorite WP plug-ins and a post checklist (which we'll give you as part of our webinars).

    The average solo attorney grabbed off the street probably needs someone else to do it for them, but I'm confident we can get you (and other LAB members) on the right track without creating too much extra work for you.

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