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SmartAdvocate Personal Injury Case Management Software

This discussion was created from comments split from: Needles Case Management Software.


  • PhilEsqPhilEsq Roslyn, NY
    edited April 28

    I first started using personal injury case management software in 1990. I have been using SmartAdvocate for approximately 4 years and it is by far the best I have seen. I can't even imagine looking for anything better because every time I suggest something, they incorporate my suggestion quickly.

    SmartAdvocate was the best I had seen when I started using it but they have quickly added features and major improvements by leaps and bounds during the four years I have been using it, such as a cloud option and mobile device apps. It is updated frequently. Customer service is excellent and they are responsive to your requests.

    SmartAdvocate is a 64-bit program with a robust database that will store every possible bit of information available in a personal injury or mass tort case. SmartAdvocate was designed for large law firms but can and should be used by small firms also. My practice is 100% general personal injury and consists of two lawyers with no other staff. SmartAdvocate lets us handle all the cases without needing any other staff. I work out of my house on Long Island and my partner works from his apartment in New York City. Without SmartAdvocate, we wouldn't be able to do this.

    SmartAdvocate is extremely easy to use and is designed to allow work to be done with fewer clicks and keystrokes. It's also extremely easy to learn how to use. I'm very knowledgeable about computers and software but my partner barely knew how to turn the computer on and he found it very easy to learn how to use.

    When I started with SmartAdvocate, we needed a server but they now have a cloud option. Since I already have the server and maintain it myself, I don't have a need for using it in the cloud but for small law firms that don't have a server or don't want to pay to maintain it, it's a good option. Other programs I looked at which is available on the cloud simply don't come anywhere near the features that SmartAdvocate has.

    There have been a few comments here about tracking medical bills. SmartAdvocate allows you to easily track all injuries, medical visits, medical bills, and medical records. Additionally, you can separately track all of these things for previous existing injuries, medical visits, medical bills, and medical records.

    My favorite part of the program is the sophistication and simplicity of creating and managing template documents and generating documents from templates. However, there are so many varied aspects to its features that there is simply too much to write about SmartAdvocate here. I could write quite a bit just about the features and aspects of template documents. Just one of the completely different and sophisticated features is the ability to track different advertising campaigns.

    The best advice I can give is that if you're looking for personal injury case management software that can do everything you want, just ask them for a demo and see for yourself.

  • PhilEsqPhilEsq Roslyn, NY

    SmartAdvocate is specifically for personal injury and is available either server based or cloud. My practice is 100% personal injury with two lawyers and no support staff. I couldn't live without SmartAdvocate. Before you decide to purchase anything, just make sure you get a demo online using screen sharing of whatever personal injury software you're thinking of and SmartAdvocate. Then decide.

  • PhilEsqPhilEsq Roslyn, NY
    edited May 12

    The problem is that software in the sweet-spot won't do what I need and I'll have to hire someone. Even if I had employees, I'd rather they get more work done. The solution is to get software that does it all and is easy to learn and easy to use. That's SmartAdvocate. Just get a demo of every case management program you're looking at before you start using it.

  • PhilEsqPhilEsq Roslyn, NY

    My responses to a question/comment from another thread were moved here and the responses don't really make sense on their own, especially the last one. However, they do represent my opinion and experience using SmartAdvocate vs having used SAGA since 1990 until 2012 and after looking at several other personal injury case management programs including Needles, Trialworks and Prevail which I view as the top competition for SmartAdvocate.

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