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CASEpeer Case Management Software

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  • AndrewAndrew Laguna Niguel

    One player I see missing from this thread is CASEpeer -- I've been a user for the past few months and have to say they have it pretty dialed in. I could not agree more with the sentiment above -- that there is a sweet-spot for PI practice management software. Flood the software with a million fields and features and you get lost, your staff throws in the towel and won't adopt, and/or info gets lost. Go too light on features or water the user interface down and frustration grows from missing information or not having PM software that gives you insight into your cases and the workflow of staff. CASEpeer has found that sweet-spot. The software is easy to use right out of the box and intuitive without much need for over-customization or requesting useful PI fields. Training was quick and I received almost no pushback from staff learning a new system (no small miracle). In a few months I've seen measurable ROI in the reports I can generate that have given my settlement negotiations more teeth. Worth a peek for a PI practice...

  • samgloversamglover Minneapolis, MN Admin

    In fact we just reviewed CASEpeer. It's still on the front page.

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