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adobe reader for trial?

I was in court and saw an attorney with a large iPad (about 13"). It was a busy calendar and I did not get a chance to ask what software he was using. It looked as if he had all of his files in pdf, similar to adobe thumbnails. Only the thumbnails were displayed on screen. But, with a single tap, he was able to both select and pop open a page full size. With another tap, he was able to jump back to the original thumb nails. It was a really fast way of having exhibits literally "at his finger tips". Is there a way to do the same thing in Adobe?

Thank you for your input.


  • samgloversamglover Minneapolis, MN Admin

    It sounds like GoodReader or Documents by Readdle.

    BTW, pet peeve, but Adobe is a company, and it makes software like Acrobat, Reader, Photoshop, and much more. Calling Reader "Adobe" is like calling Word "Microsoft."

  • dlowreydlowrey Nevada

    Sam, thank you for the information. Sorry to find you peeved this morning. Maybe the Minnesota winter has been too long? "Adobe" could have also meant a primitive clay brick. But you readily understood it to refer to Reader or Acrobat, as would the next 100 lawyers with whom the word adobe is used in informal conversation. It is part of the vernacular, in the same way that Xerox long ago stopped being a reference to the entity. Peace brother.

  • It could possibly have also been TrialPad. TrialPad would likely be my first choice for this type of functionality.

  • litigationtechlitigationtech Los Angeles, CA

    Not likely that it was TrialPad or any other trial presentation software, as they won't display everything you have - only what you choose to display -- which, by the way, is probably only what is admissible. Seems like a major mistrial in the making by displaying everything you have. Clearly not the best way to do it, but they could have even been browsing through Dropbox and choosing which exhibit to display.

  • If he was just viewing them on his iPad, I second Sam's thoughts. I use Documents on my iPad Pro and LOVE it.

  • katzafirokatzafiro Seattle, WA

    I'm a fan of GoodReader and use it on my iPad every time I go to court. It does the very same things you described and more.

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