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Document Management for solo estate planning/corporate practice

I left a 15 attorney law firm about a year ago to start my own estate planning/corporate practice. One of the things I miss was the document management system on a server we had called Worldox. It gave me the ability to create different versions of the same document and easily access and compare them, plus associate documents with client names/numbers and easily search and pull up all documents by a number of different variables. I remember that we had to hire a special consultant and have a server just for Worldox.

I have been using the free version of Box to save documents on and that allows me to do some limited searching, but it doesn't seem to do versions. I have seen some reviews of practice management systems on here that include document management but none of the reports on the document management parts of those are glowing. I have resisted getting a full practice management system because I don't think I really need practice management, and I just use Timesolv for timekeeping and billing. Has anybody in a similar solo-type practice found a great standalone document management system or do you just use a practice management system to get the document management?


  • samgloversamglover Minneapolis, MN Admin

    Have you looked at NetDocuments? That would be the first thing to try, I think.

  • I remember seeing a comment of yours on NetDocuments in an article now. I think when I went to their website and saw there was no price listed like "$19.99 per month" and you had to contact them for a demo and price, I assumed that the price of it would be in the King & Spalding league instead of my ballpark and that it would be complicated to set up like Worldox. I will follow up with them and just see what their most basic package is and look at a demo, thanks.

  • samgloversamglover Minneapolis, MN Admin

    Actually, NetDocs is easy to set up, and I don't think the price is prohibitive. I tend to think document management software is overkill for a solo practice, but if you want some, I think NetDocs it's probably the way to go.

    I also like MetaJure, but last I checked the price was prohibitive for small firm practice.

  • stefan.gstefan.g Bucharest / Romania

    I use the free version of Box and Google Suite. It's true that is a little harder with the multiple version of one document but I think in Google docs you can see the versions of the document and save the one you like. The search is very good and if you organize the clients in separate folders is much more easier to search. I really like the method that @samglover described in one of his articles: https://lawyerist.com/13892/organize-paperless-client-files/

  • Stay away from Netdocuments. Software is junk and they are a terrible company. If you use Onedrive, it will allow you to directly compare versions from Word. I love Timesolv, btw, took me five years to find it, but best thing I ever did.

  • PeterEIMPeterEIM New York

    We have many firms of your size who would be very upset if we took their NetDocuments away from them. It is reasonable to implement and administer. The other leading legal document management software companies (iManage, Worldox and eDOCS) are all very good legal document management software. Their value is better functionality and usability than Windows or something generic like OneDrive Box. They help organize, search, secure, audit, version, share and manage your documents. These applications simply reduce document-related steps and overhead. For a firm starting from scratch, NetDocuments will show the quickest return on your investment.

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