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Clio/Xero integration

ftourignyftourigny Canada
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Hi there,
For those of you who use Clio and Xero, I need to know what you think:
Our firm constantly bills on two currencies ( CAD and USD) and we found out that Clio and Xero integration was not good for that. If we create a bill in Clio we have to check everything in Xero after that otherwise it's a nightmare for our accountant. And since Xero doesn't synchronize right away it became very problematic...
Therefore we now invoice directly in Xero. However we found out that the matter numbers do not synchronize with Clio so we have to check every time in Clio to reproduce the matter number in the invoice and it's not very convenient.
Has anyone experiences something similar ? Anyone has a suggestion to improve our process ?
thanks !

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  • GregClaessensGregClaessens Salem, OR

    I use both Clio and Xero... I really like both apps but they do not seem to work well together.

    I do not believe there is anyway to use the integration to make things easier. That is not to say that there is not benefit but it is definitely not simple.

    The problem, I think, is that they have different logic behind their accounting systems, almost like different languages. For example: Clio's accounting is directed at linking information to a specific client > specific matter for that client. I do not think there is an equivalent in Xero for the idea of one client separate matters/trust accounting.

    I think many of the problems stem from 'speaking different languages'. Another example, does your firm add interest to late bills in Clio? I have always said I would charge a modest late fee but never tried it until recently because the interest was not worth the trouble in accounting for it. Turns out Clio/Xero add another hurdle. Clio adds interest to existing invoices on the interval set. When Xero gets that data it creates a new invoice for that client for the interest amount. Not great.

    After months of trying to tidy up the integration/translation of data between Clio/Xero I have determined that there is probably no settings or zapier solution to the problems I have and probably not for yours either.

    Clio is great and Xero is such a leap forward from quickbooks (for anyone doing their own bookkeeping), so the answer for me is not to drop either but adjust the bookkeeping workflow. I am trying to think out the different larger more encompassing accounting tasks: Money in to trust, client paid invoice, firm advances expense, etc. Once I am confident in the base categories then I look to what data needs to be in each app for that category of transaction. What does the integration fill in? What is still needed?

    I would not say that I am there yet but getting there. I work hard on integration/automation solutions because I enjoy it and have a poor short term memory. Unfortunately, despite a lot of effort the best solution I have come up with for how to get these two to work together is low tech.

  • Thanks for your answer ! There is definitely "low tech" work needed here but still both are great solutions.

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