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Encryption for Google Drive

ftourignyftourigny Canada
edited December 2016 in Legal Technology

Hi there !
I'm sure this has been discussed at some point but our firm needs an encryption solution for Google drive. What are your recommendations ?
Thanks !


  • samgloversamglover Minneapolis, MN Admin

    It depends.

    Who/what are you trying to protect your data from? How do you use your files stored in GDrive? Do you need to be able to use the GDrive app on a smartphone or tablet? Do you use Google Docs, or just Word/MS Office documents? Are you thinking you want your files to be encrypted in the cloud, or just the documents on your devices?

    Have you built a threat model? If not, you should. (Here's a post outlining the process.) If you have, it would help if you would share it.

  • FrancisFrancis Montreal
    edited December 2016 via Email
    Thanks for your response Sam. I guess I have to figure out a few things before taking a decision !

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  • samgloversamglover Minneapolis, MN Admin

    You do!

    I think you should put together a threat model, because it will help you decide what you need to do.

    For example, I definitely think you need to encrypt your devices, but that doesn't encrypt your files stored in Google Drive. If you're using Google Docs, you can't encrypt those. But if you're basically just using Google Drive to sync your Word and PDF files, you could encrypt them in the cloud, but then you might have difficulty accessing them from your mobile devices. And it's probably overkill unless you are trying to protect against a specific threat.

    So definitely encrypt your devices, but before you worry about encrypting your files stored in Google Drive in the cloud, think through your threat model to determine if it's even necessary.

  • Jeffrey_TaylorJeffrey_Taylor Oklahoma City

    I'll echo what Sam says, but I'll also plug Viivo. It's a (relatively) simple program that encrypts all files, and includes desktop and mobile options.

    I should remind everyone that Google Drive, by default, encrypts all files end-to-end, as long as the file remains in Google's servers. Thus, if you're uploading to Drive, and the file remains on Drive, you're already encrypted.

  • I would also suggest checking with your malpractice carrier on what it considers essential for encryption. I know some carriers in the US have provided resources and CLEs to help understand what is at stake and how to protect your clients.

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