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Style Separators in Word for Mac

I recently became acquainted with style separators in Word for Windows (I'm a transactional lawyer and use them for section headings). I was disappointed to see they aren't implemented in Word 2016 for Mac. Is there a workaround that will let me use style separators while using Word for Mac?



  • samgloversamglover Minneapolis, MN Admin

    Well, style separators are news to me, and I'm still not quite sure what they do that you couldn't do with regular styles, but that wasn't your question.

    I doubt it will come to Mac any time soon. Microsoft doesn't seem at all interested in feature parity between Windows and Mac.

  • Sam, thanks for replying. A style separator allows you to use two different paragraph styles on the same line. For example, I'll frequently type a contractual provision like this:

    1. Recitals. The Background section of this Agreement is incorporated herein as if set forth in full.

    For automatic numbering and TOC purposes, I would like "Recitals" to be under style Heading 1, but use Normal for the rest of the paragraph. Normally, I would have to start a new paragraph on a new line in order to have the text be of a separate style, in other words, something like this:

    1. Recitals.

    The Background section of this Agreement is incorporated herein as if set forth in full.

    Using style separators, I can insert a style separator (alt-enter on WinWord) following the period after Recitals, and it essentially acts as a new paragraph immediately following period, without a carriage return. In other words, it looks exactly like the top example, but Recitals is style Heading 1 and the balance is style Normal.

    MacWord recognizes style separators, but doesn't let you generate new ones, which is quite odd.

    I was hoping with the 2016 versions Microsoft would reach full parity, but it appears that they aren't interested.

    Thanks for your thoughts.


  • samgloversamglover Minneapolis, MN Admin

    Makes sense. That's tidy.

    I guess you could accomplish something similar just using list styles, but it wouldn't populate the table of contents correctly.

    Unfortunately, if you want the full Word feature set, I think you're going to be stuck using Windows for the foreseeable future.

  • Deborah SavadraDeborah Savadra Gulf Coast, Alabama, USA

    FWIW, here's how to use the Style Separator in Word for Windows.

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