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Amicus Price Jump Causing Switch

msspinnermsspinner Mississippi
edited November 2016 in Legal Technology

Three years ago we switched from Timematters/Billingmatters to Amicus Premium w Billing. We were longtime TM users (from ver. 2) but grew frustrated with dropped sync with outlook and tech support response as I recall, which caused the switch. It was also obvious they were no longer innovating the product for a cloud based world. We were pleased with the switch to Amicus but in August were informed that the new owners of Amicus were moving to a monthly subscription model and tripling our annual cost (9 users). So I am looking at alternatives. I have narrowed the cloud offerings to Clio, Advologix and Actionstep. I am also considering returning to Timematters. My sense is that none of the cloud offerings do everything I am used to, and TM is probably just a stopgap for a few years until a cloud solution emerges that I will be really happy with. I am curious if any others have recently moved from Amicus and what your decision and experience was. I am especially curious if anyone has returned to TM recently and if they see improvements.

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  • chadmurraychadmurray Decatur, IL

    The big player cloud providers are pretty robust and have been around awhile at this point. My guess is that they may never do what you're looking for because that functionality might only benefit a fraction of users, so the cost to implement isn't worth it. And it's obviously not innovate in any way if Time Matters is doing it.

    You may be using Time Matters for a long, long time.

  • samgloversamglover Minneapolis, MN Admin

    There's really no good reason to switch from legacy desktop software provider (Amicus) to another legacy desktop software provider (Time Matters).

    The trial is over and the cloud won. If the cloud-based options don't meet your needs now, then it's not time to switch software yet, or else it's a good time to reconfigure your systems to work with what's available.

  • msspinnermsspinner Mississippi

    Ok, so I have given some thought about the features that I need. Maybe the cloud providers do these and I am just not aware of it, and am certainly open to suggestions for suitable cloud solution: (1) custom fields that are report-searchable and can be used in documents; (2) searchable field for each occurrence of an appointment change (I need a daily report that can tell me every appointment that got changed on that day so I can manage their SMS and email campaigns in advance of their (changed) appointment date); (3) document creation (I assume all of them do this now); (4) fee allocation between lawyers based upon fees collected and lawyer's role (finder, minder and/or grinder); (5) native tracking of billable activities to capture or chrometa integration; (6) reliable mail, contact and calendar sync with Office 365; (7)workflow triggers; (8) fast access to phone messages remotely for return calls while on the run (Amicus sends me an email for each message that gets filtered so I can find and return them from my mobile phone, but an app solution might be even better); (9) easy to use calendar with color coding by appointment type and easy view of multiple lawyer calendars simultaneously; and (10) ability to create custom reports using any data, not just off-the-shelf ones that are provided. I don't care about document management since I am not planning on leaving Wdox. I tried most of the cloud-based products 3 years ago and abandoned each of them for 1 reason or another. I realize they have probably matured in the past 3 years and have started the same search again but have not had the time to adequately search for these features and do not have the time to talk to sales people for each of them. If anyone knows of a cloud solution that does each of these I will explore that solution further. I certainly see the benefit of a cloud solution over a legacy product. I just need/want it to do these things.

  • chadmurraychadmurray Decatur, IL
    1. Maybe.
    2. No.
    3. Somewhat.
    4. No.
    5. Timers yes, Chrometa not that I know of.
    6. Maybe. Most focus on G Suite due to a friendlier API I think.
    7. Maybe.
    8. No.
    9. No.
    10. No.

    You're out of luck.

  • robert_monahanrobert_monahan Gurnee, IL

    In March, my Amicus yearly subscription is up for renewal, and I got a call from Abacus, telling me that they have purchased Amicus, and that they have a new and improved (NOT) monthly subscription -- at a higher cost. I am not sure what to do at this point. I have been using Amicus for more than a decade. I learned it inside-and-out. In any case, msspinner, I feel your pain! Do you have any opinion about Clio? What about you samglover? What cloud-based system do you recommend for a client database?

  • samgloversamglover Minneapolis, MN Admin

    First, depending on how you use Amicus, you should know that switching to a cloud-based option like Clio is going to feel like a big change. There's lots better about going to the cloud, but none of the current leaders in the category will do things you are used to, like manage your email.

    The cost, either or staying or switching, probably shouldn't make up your mind for you. I know it's annoying to get a price bump, but in the scheme of things it's probably no big deal.

    So what I would do is sign up for a trial (or just pay for a month—it's worth it to see if it's right for you) of Clio or CosmoLex or Zola Suite, take them for a spin, and see what you think. If a light bulb goes on and you think "whoa, I see how much more I could do with this," you should probably switch. If you get frustrated, it's probably not time.

  • robert_monahanrobert_monahan Gurnee, IL

    Hey samglover! Thanks for the quick response! Again, I like your idea. A test drive without a commitment. And you're probably right, that the price bump could be worse. It's not like they are discontinuing the product, or my data is no longer accessible. Anyway, I just joined this forum, and I like it a lot! People like you make it helpful! Thanks again!

  • msspinnermsspinner Mississippi

    I did test drive Clio, Rocket Matter, Zola, Houdini and CosmoLex. Houdini looked on paper like it was going to be the answer, but my first attempt to do something very basic resulted in some glitch with one of the buttons so I quickly eliminated it from consideration. I liked the speed and nimbleness of Zola the best but there were too many things it did not do that I needed or wanted. I worked with Clio the most, and worked with a consultant to walk me through its ability to do the things I needed. There were constant attempts as workarounds that still did not get me the results I needed. I ultimately concluded that I did not like any of them for various reasons as well as I like a server based system, but primarily because of the lack of ability to customize reports on my data. I was in the "frustrated" camp. But I found the price increase for my 9 user shop more than just no big deal. So I decided to move back to TimeMatters. We are in the process of data conversion from Amicus now so I can't yet speak to whether I made the right decision.

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