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Gmail auto filters?

GregClaessensGregClaessens Salem, OR
edited November 2016 in Legal Technology

Gmail is great for my practice. It syncs with Clio in useful ways and works with Zapier well too. I am wondering if there is a way to automate the creation of filters?

My example scenario. When Clio creates a new matter that triggers a zap that creates my default file structure in google drive and creates a label in gmail. This is great because now creating the matter in Clio is all that is needed to cover some of these basic new file set up tasks. However, someone still has to create filters in gmail so that emails to and from the client are automatically labeled. Once the filters are set going through email is easy: the emails come in already labeled with the clients label and inbox, we respond in whatever way is needed for that email, and then we hit the x on the inbox label. The email is now saved in the right place and the general inbox is clean and useful.

In Zapier "create new filter" is not an available action. Does anyone know any tools that could automate this task? Is this something that is available in Outlook? (I am always worried that eventually I will find some utility to Outlook that makes me regret leaving).

It a surprisingly difficult question to search because most combinations of terms just leads to articles about the benefits of filters.

I found the gmail filter API https://developers.google.com/gmail/api/guides/filter_settings . But I don't know how to code my own solution. I would love to learn but I have a day job.


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