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Converting files to PDF

I am attempting to run a paperless office.
This requires me to store all electronic documents relating to a case in chronological order. Not having any programming skill, I am converting Word, Excel and Outlook emails into pdf's, and naming each one with a date and time, followed by a description of what the file is about e.g. 16-08-04 1434 client, which means I sent the client an email at 14:34 on 4 Aug 16.
Using Adobe, I can then combine the pdf's into one binder, which lists all the data in date order; and thereby I build up an electronic case file.
Does anyone know of a program which could automate the process of converting, say, an email in Outlook into a pdf, then storing the pdf in an existing file with the rest of the file? Or does anyone have any ideas how this could be achieved another way? Many thanks.

Graham, Scotland


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