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Anyone have experience using LEAP practice management software?

rwfairclothrwfaircloth Charlotte, NC

I searched through the archives and didn't see much mention of this company.



  • samgloversamglover Minneapolis, MN Admin

    We've got a "first look" review in the works. You should see that on the front page soon.

    In a nutshell, LEAP is apparently the primary competitor to Smokeball in the Australian market. Like Smokeball, LEAP made the jump to the US in the last few years. And like Smokeball, its focus is on easy document assembly, with preloaded templates for popular practice areas.

    There's more to it, but the bottom line is that LEAP is for Windows users who want to take advantage of document assembly. And if you are interested in LEAP, you might be interested in comparing it to Smokeball.

    Our review should post soon, and I'll drop the link in here when it does. But if others have tried it, I hope they'll weigh in.

  • rwfairclothrwfaircloth Charlotte, NC

    Thanks Sam, I'll be on the lookout. For anyone who is interested I was able to find this thread on reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/auslaw/comments/46ilg7/law_practice_management_software/

  • Rob_LilleyRob_Lilley Australia

    Hi Sam,
    Smokeball and LEAP are one and the same. LEAP is basically three programs that work together: LEAP Documents (which incorporates Smokeball precedents), LEAP Accounting, and LEAP Timesheets.

    I used it for a couple of years at my previous firm. It was decent - like any practice management software, you get out what you put in... The downsides that I noticed were the MS Word integration tended to be a bit glitchy and I understand that it requires a pretty hefty server to run. The upsides were that the Outlook plugin was excellent, converting documents to PDF within LEAP is easy, and the interface is pretty user friendly.

    They do have a cloud version but my firm didn't use that.

    Happy to answer any specific questions people have but with the disclaimer that the US product could be slightly different to the Australian one...

  • JaneOxleyJaneOxley Chicago
    edited July 2016

    Hi Rob - Smokeball and LEAP are not one and the same, they are separate companies with different Practice Management Systems. Sam's description above is bang on, we're both Practice Management software that include great document assembly functionality however there are are lot of differences in features once you have a look more closely. As President of Smokeball, I'm obviously biased towards our product!

  • Rob_LilleyRob_Lilley Australia
    edited July 2016

    Hi Jane
    Apologies for the misdescription. Is Smokeball PMM available in Australia? I've not heard of it. My understanding was that LEAP owns Smokeball in Oz...

    Edit - A quick Google suggests that LEAP owns "Smokeball Precedents", which was recently renamed ByLawyers: http://www.legalpracticeintelligence.com.au/pages/show/id/638

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  • JaneOxleyJaneOxley Chicago

    Hi Rob,

    No problem, it is a little confusing as Smokeball was once a brand name used by LEAP for precedents, however for 3 years now we have been operating in the US with our own, new, Practice Management Software.

    We have actually only just started selling Smokeball in the Australian market in the last couple of weeks! We are currently focusing on conveyancers/law firms who practice conveyancing. If you visit www.smokeball.com it should redirect you to the Australian website.

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