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Email templates program

Hi there,
I would like to prepare some email templates that our firm will use for different steps of a file ( opening of a file, welcome letter to our firm, payment receipt, etc.) Do you guys use any program for that or you just keep the templates in your "drafts" ? I know there are a few chrome extensions (such as Gorgias) but I was wondering what people here are using ...
Thanks !


  • samgloversamglover Minneapolis, MN Admin

    So you're looking to automate it, or just to apply a template manually?

  • thedanshermanthedansherman Maple Plain, MN

    We generally use text expansion snippets for those.

  • @Sam : I would like to apply it manually...what would you suggest ?
    @thedansherman: not sure what it is but I will check this out !

  • thedanshermanthedansherman Maple Plain, MN

    Text expansion options off the top of my head; I bolded the ones we use:


    • Breevy
    • AutoHotKey (does a lot more than text expansion)
    • PhraseExpress


    • TextExpander
    • Typeit4me
    • Typinator
    • KeyboardMaestro (does a lot more than text expansion)
    • Alfred (does a lot more than text expansion)
  • samgloversamglover Minneapolis, MN Admin

    Apparently TextExpander for Windows is available in beta, as well. That's cool.

    If all your templates will be in email and you use Gmail, you could also just enable the canned response extension.

    You might also want to try using AutoCorrect in Outlook. @Deborah Savadra just showed how to do it in Word, but it will also work in Outlook. It's possible there's a way to share those shortcuts across your firm, too. Hopefully Deborah will pop in her and let us know.

  • TheoRandTheoRand Burbank, CA
    edited July 2016

    Surprisingly, I'll pipe in with, "Salesforce" can do that. We have an email template library stored in SF's native template engine. The template engine lets us pull in data from anywhere in the system and create and send email via a manual trigger or an event or automatic trigger. In your scenario, let's say payment receipt, you could code the template to pull in the client name from the contact record, the amount paid from the invoice or accts receivable (however you do it) and even auto-populate with dates or types of activity. (For advanced workflow, you could configure a workflow rule that generates the "payment received" email once a payment has been indicated in the system.)

  • samgloversamglover Minneapolis, MN Admin

    @TheoRand said:
    Surprisingly, I'll pipe in with, "Salesforce" can do that.

    Suggesting someone adopt a full-service sales CRM suite just do manage email templates is a little bit much.

  • TheoRandTheoRand Burbank, CA
    edited July 2016

    To clear up a misconception,The Salesforce "platform" license is not a full-service CRM -- you're confusing it with a Salesforce CRM license. Platform license allows user to leverage specific platform tool (s) and one of those is the template engine. Considering that licenses are as low as $10 per I think it's a reasonable option for anyone who specifically wants automate and use email templates. Don't mean belabor the point but GIYF clarification.

  • Deborah SavadraDeborah Savadra Gulf Coast, Alabama, USA

    A little late to the party here, but if it's just text snippets you want, and you're using Outlook, I'd recommend using Quick Parts. See https://lawyerist.com/29848/word-quick-parts-autotext/

  • andycabsandycabs New York
    1. Yesware
    2. Canned replies in Gmail / Google Labs
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