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Alternatives to Mycase

I have been using mycase for years and I have officially given up. Any recommendations for an alternative all in one practice management solution for a small three person litigation firm? We use both mac and windows, dropbox and exchange for email.


  • samgloversamglover Minneapolis, MN Admin

    What it is about MyCase that you've given up on? Or rather, what features do you want in a replacement?

    What does "all-in-one" mean to you? Email? Accounting? Document management?

    Do you have your own local Exchange server, are you using it via Office 365, or something else?

    1. The app simply does not work.
    2. Promised dropbox integration never happened.
    3. Promised email integration never happened
    4. There is very limited options for calendar integration. For example, I use outlook for mac and you really cant sync calendars.
      Because of 1 and 4 I have no real good way to use my calendar on my phone or tablet, which as a litigator makes the system practically unusable.
      I want something that will sync and work in tandem with outlook (mac and windows), office 365 and dropbox.
  • chadmurraychadmurray Decatur, IL

    I'm leaving MyCase for a hodgepodge approach, but I'm a solo. That might not work for you. The two chief competitors (Rocket Matter and Clio) seem to have more going for them as far as your concerns go, but are also more expensive. But I'd start with those two.

  • samgloversamglover Minneapolis, MN Admin

    I haven't seen any good email integrations that also work with Outlook and support Windows and Mac. If you're comfortable sticking with Windows, a number of the legacy software options (Time Matters, for example) support Outlook. But the best you'll get out of the newer options is one of the may options to send emails one at a time (Clio, Rocket Matter, and CosmoLex all have this, for example). This feels clunky to me, but it does work for getting emails in, one at a time.

    Calendars are usually pretty easy. Just sync them up using Office 365 or Google Apps, and you can usually add them to any of the practice management software options.

  • chadmurraychadmurray Decatur, IL

    MyCase's calendar handling is slightly behind the curve. Instead of allowing you to create calendars and bring them into MyCase, they create a calendar in your Google account that functions as the synced calendar. So if you're the type to have multiple calendars for different types of things, it's a shitty solution unless you cobble together a sharing paradigm where all calendars share with the MyCase calendar and then you resolve it in MyCase.

    Hm. I had never actually figured out a solution to that problem until that bit up there. I wonder if that would work.

  • Here's what I received from them today:

    "Thank you very much for your follow-up. At this time we do not have integration for Dropbox and that currently is not on the immediate product roadmap. However, your inquiry is very helpful feedback for us and I am forwarding to our Product Management team to review."

  • RobertTheofanisRobertTheofanis Los Angeles, CA

    I've been using Action Step for a couple months. It's cloud-based so you just need an internet browser. It does matter management, workflow, accounting, email, calendar, document creation, and CRM. It's capable of integrating with MS Office and a few cloud storage companies.

    I haven't used any other systems so I can't say whether it's better. But I like it so far and their support is pretty good.

    One thing, I did the set up myself (didn't bring existing files into the system). It took a long time to familiarize myself with the software and to get things working smoothly, maybe 10-15 hours.

  • litigatoresqlitigatoresq New York
    edited June 2016

    @tswartz said:
    Here's what I received from them today:

    "Thank you very much for your follow-up. At this time we do not have integration for Dropbox and that currently is not on the immediate product roadmap. However, your inquiry is very helpful feedback for us and I am forwarding to our Product Management team to review."

    That is what they told me as well. I think they just stopped updating the practice management aspect of the system. That is likely why there is little ability to integrate with a mac based calendaring system (other than google calendar).
    The question is now that I have been using this system for years, what is the best way to migrate (billing, calendaring etc) with the least amount of service disruption.

  • jeffkerrjeffkerr Atlanta, GA
    edited June 2016

    @litigatoresq what are you hoping to achieve with an integration between Dropbox and your practice management provider? Most of the practice management providers have a very limited integration with Dropbox. The integrations typically do the following things:

    1. Automatically create folders in your Dropbox directory (named after your cases);
    2. Enable you to browse each case's Dropbox directory from within your practice management app;
    3. Allow you to upload documents to Dropbox from the practice management app; and
    4. Allow you to rename Dropbox documents from your practice management app.

    There might be more functionality from some vendors, but this is what I've seen so far. I know a few attorneys appreciate this functionality, but some complain that their practice management app makes unwanted changes in their Dropbox folders. Indeed, I know several people who have had practice management software unleash chaos in their well-organized Dropbox directory structure, requiring restoration of a previous state of the Dropbox directory.

    One notable limitation of most Dropbox integrations is that there's no way to link a file in your Dropbox directory to a record in your practice management application. For example, you couldn't link a particular PDF file to a record for an expense.

    In short, most Dropbox integrations seem to have limited utility and perhaps some downside. (I'd love to hear from anyone who disagrees.) Regardless of your view on this topic, I think it pays to obtain very clear information on what exactly you can do with the integration from a particular vendor and what the limitations are.

    Please don't sign your posts. Your name is right there on your post already. Also, it's probably worth pointing out that Jeff is the CEO of a competing practice management software company: CaseFleet. —Mod.

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