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Software to allocate Origination credits?

We are starting a new firm and evaluating billing, practice management, and accounting software.  We will have 4 attorneys and 1 paralegal for billing timekeepers.  We are leaning towards Office 365 for our core office suite and QuickBooks for accounting, but also need billing/timekeeping as well.  We recently have been considering the cloud-based practice management products since they seem to incorporate billing/timekeeping as well as document management.  We are looking at Clio, Rocket Matter and MyCase. 

One question that has arisen is whether any of these products allow origination and other credits to be entered during the opening of a matter?  Assume that the person working the file gets 80% of collected fees, the originator gets 15% and that the firm gets 5% for admin, etc.  The bill that goes out to the client would not show this information -- it would only show the time billed by the person who performed the work.  When the fees are received, the credits would be applied at the firm level and the fees distributed accordingly.

Our prior large firm used Tabs3 and we could designate originating atty, matter responsible atty, working atty, etc.  Is this something that can be set up in the newer cloud-based products?  

If the cloud-based products cannot do this, what would be the best way to implement this approach given the current software and technology now available (tabs3 seems to have been around for a long time)?

Thanks in advance.


  • GTrusteeGTrustee Philadelphia

    Did you ever get a response or figure this out? We have some of the very same concerns.

    We started a new firm a year ago and now have 7 attorneys and 3 paralegals for billing timekeepers locatd in two offices in two cities. We are using Office 365 for our core office suite (but some have Office 2013) and use a remote hosted server (but not cloud based) practice management system called Legal Software Systems, Inc. (“LSS”) for accounting, billing/timekeeping. LSS has other features as well but we have not been using them.

    We have issues with our current system and have been considering the cloud-based practice management products since they seem to incorporate billing/timekeeping as well as document management, they seem to be cost efficient and would work well with multi-office/work from home practices. We are looking at Clio, Rocket Matter, MyCase, Firm Central and Firm Manager.

    Any experience along these lines would be very much appreciated.

  • JoshuaLenonJoshuaLenon Canada
    edited January 30

    Cloud-based programs can do origination reports.

    Clio has that as part of our Elite plan.

    You can read about the report here: https://support.clio.com/hc/en-us/articles/218611617-Originating-Attorney-Revenue-Report

    You can see the pricing for the Elite Clio plan here: https://www.goclio.com/pricing/

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  • CosmoLex has revenue distribution reports built-in the base program. You can specify allocation % for origination, timekeepers and responsible attorneys and program does all the math. It becomes even more meaningful as due to built-in general ledger accounting (like in Tabs3), program knows exactly how much of the fee was earned out of the received invoice payments.

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