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Legal Technology

Discuss legal technology and the modern practice of law.
  • dlowrey
    adobe reader for trial?
    I was in court and saw an attorney with a large iPad (about 13"). It was a busy calendar and I did not get a chance to ask what software he was using. It looked as if he had all of his files in pdf, similar to adobe thumbnails. Only the thumbnails w…
    dlowrey 77 views 4 comments Most recent by litigationtech
  • samglover
    CosmoLex Q&A, Tips & Tricks Thread
    This discussion thread is for CosmoLex questions, tips, and tricks. You can also browse posts about CosmoLex on Lawyerist.com.
    samglover 82 views 10 comments Most recent by rkabra
  • samglover
    Are Inkjets Acceptable for Printing Legal Documents?
    I've never thought so, but Epson has been pushing its "laser-like" technologies for years. I guess the appeal is mainly cost? Here's a network-ready Epson color multifunction for $320. Compare that to this HP color LaserJet multifunction that I revi…
    samglover 403 views 8 comments Most recent by Adam Lilly
  • kalamaya
    Clio, Wave, Xero and Freshbooks
    We started a 3-attorney firm in mid-January. We use Clio mostly for billing purposes. I like the task feature and integration with Google Apps, but my partners don't use Clio much beyond billing. We're concerned with the amount of time we're spen…
    kalamaya 1.4K views 17 comments Most recent by GregClaessens
  • Deborah Savadra
    Do You Do DIY Letterhead?
    How many attorneys here print their letterhead on their inkjet/laser printer rather than have letterhead printed by a professional printer (offset, etc.)? If so, what issues have you run into re: formatting, etc.? What features would you want you…
    Deborah Savadra 17.3K views 45 comments Most recent by Kristi Bodin
  • Wes Christensen
    Anybody running Time Matters on a cloud server (VDS)?
    Is anybody out there running Time Matters on a virtual dedicated server (VDS or cloud server) who is available to talk to me about their experiences? Thanks
    Wes Christensen 61 views 0 comments Started by Wes Christensen
  • alphaomegan
    Jury selection app
    I would appreciate it if anyone could recommend a jury selection iPad app. Thanks in advance for your help.
    alphaomegan 81 views 4 comments Most recent by Thomas Appel
  • ftourigny
    Clio/Xero integration
    Hi there, For those of you who use Clio and Xero, I need to know what you think: Our firm constantly bills on two currencies ( CAD and USD) and we found out that Clio and Xero integration was not good for that. If we create a bill in Clio we hav…
    ftourigny 103 views 2 comments Most recent by ftourigny
  • bgerm999
    Website Optimization and Reference
    I've been reviewing the great optimized websites for small firms that were posted on Lawyerist and it's evident I need to have my firm's site brought into this decade. Does anyone have a recommendation for a reasonably priced website designer? Thank…
    bgerm999 121 views 10 comments Most recent by samglover
  • ANewton
    Document Management for solo estate planning/corporate practice
    I left a 15 attorney law firm about a year ago to start my own estate planning/corporate practice. One of the things I miss was the document management system on a server we had called Worldox. It gave me the ability to create different versions o…
    ANewton 273 views 4 comments Most recent by stefan.g
  • msspinner
    Amicus Price Jump Causing Switch
    Three years ago we switched from Timematters/Billingmatters to Amicus Premium w Billing. We were longtime TM users (from ver. 2) but grew frustrated with dropped sync with outlook and tech support response as I recall, which caused the switch. It …
    msspinner 242 views 8 comments Most recent by msspinner
  • sembry
    A Lawyer at CES 2017
    I recently came back from the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Besides being bone tired, a little dizzy from all the educational sessions and new product reveals and having caught the famed CES cold that everyone reportedly gets, there are a …
    sembry 183 views 2 comments Most recent by sembry
  • ftourigny
    Encryption for Google Drive
    Hi there ! I'm sure this has been discussed at some point but our firm needs an encryption solution for Google drive. What are your recommendations ? Thanks !
    ftourigny 201 views 5 comments Most recent by Richard651
  • katzafiro
    PocketScan portable scanner
    I just heard about the PocketScan. Does anyone here use it? Any reviews? So far, the Scanner Pro app has been working for me for small scanning projects when I am out of the office but I've been looking for something better.
    katzafiro 151 views 2 comments Most recent by samglover
  • nbklaw
    Any Comments on ActionStep? (Time Matters Refugee)
    I'm looking to switch to a cloud-based practice management system for a two-attorney general practice firm. I'm coming from about ten years on Time Matters, which I'm not unsatisfied with, but I am trying not to be chained to my desk anymore to get…
    nbklaw 191 views 10 comments Most recent by Matt Norris
  • ftourigny
    Scheduling Apps
    Hi there, We want to implement a scheduling system on our website and I was wondering what was the best scheduling app out there ? I tried calendly a while ago and found it pretty nice but maybe there are others out there ? What are your experien…
    ftourigny 401 views 7 comments Most recent by ftourigny
  • humphreylaw
    Trust Accounting Program HELP
    I left a small firm and started my own last month. Thirty clients (read cases) came with me. I have no flat fee clients because I solely practice litigation which does not lend itself to flat fee payments. Ok, so thirty clients (cases), all of wh…
    humphreylaw 1.4K views 19 comments Most recent by ct-esq
  • Erik Hume
    Style Separators in Word for Mac
    I recently became acquainted with style separators in Word for Windows (I'm a transactional lawyer and use them for section headings). I was disappointed to see they aren't implemented in Word 2016 for Mac. Is there a workaround that will let me use…
    Erik Hume 192 views 4 comments Most recent by Deborah Savadra
  • EagleLegal
    Experiences with Surface Pro / iPad Pro?
    I've decided to get either the Surface Pro or iPad Pro, and was interested in any experiences others could share using either one in their legal practice. I expect to use the mostly when I'm working out of the office, either at home or in mediations…
    EagleLegal 953 views 16 comments Most recent by Papabear16
  • ugamoff
    Phone system
    Is there a way to have 2 offices use the same phone number and system. For instance if I have a satellite office can my receptionist at either office answer the phone and then transfer it to the other office?
    ugamoff 222 views 3 comments Most recent by dshinkle

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