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Starting a Law Firm

Discuss the unique challenge of starting a law firm.
  • samglover
    Which entrepreneurial persona fits you best?
    Are you the Crisis Manager? The Stuck? The Grower? The Exiter, maybe? (Whether you realize it or not, any lawyer who is responsible for their own clients is an entrepreneur.) Go read the descriptions in this Inc. article and report back. I'm c…
    samglover 81 views 1 comment Most recent by anthonyspark
  • agordonlaw
    Receptionist Script
    Newbieish solo here, I am working on developing a script for a virtual assistant to answer my phones. Does anyone have an example they can share as a starting point? I'm categorizing this as something that I need to develop and iterate on after a f…
    agordonlaw 172 views 4 comments Most recent by samglover
  • BarkleyOwens
    Door Law or Specialize?
    Hello! I am in the process of taking over an established solo practice on a somewhat expedited schedule -- I joined the solo in October and his plan is to move out of state in June. I will still have access to him for mentorship/guidance after he mo…
    BarkleyOwens 181 views 7 comments Most recent by Gabriel Munoz-Calene
  • Shira
    Attorney to take over in case of my absence
    Hello all, I am considering starting my own practice (business transaction, software licensing and contracts). Does anyone know of a resource for joining with a local (NY) attorney that would be able to take over in case of my absence? This is al…
    Shira 71 views 2 comments Most recent by Shira
  • brendo
    CosmoLex and Alternatives
    I've read many of the posts here about both practice management software and accounting software. CosmoLex appeals to me because it seems to handle both. Does anyone have hands-on experience with CosmoLex that can comment on it (I've read the review…
    brendo 82 views 3 comments Most recent by rkabra
  • pblewett
    Best business bank account for the solo practitioner
    Which banks offer the best, least expensive and the most user friendly business accounts for the solo practitioner in California?
    pblewett 191 views 7 comments Most recent by Adam Lilly
  • Mark
    Solo Business Plan Template
    Anyone have a link to a decent solo attorney business plan template?
    Mark 7.6K views 5 comments Most recent by abematthew
  • Benjamin Wright
    How to stop the waiting?
    I have to make a decision soon: when do I stop applying for jobs and start practicing on my own? I hope somebody here can provide some insight. Background I graduated law school last Spring. I had a paid internship with the public defender for t…
    Benjamin Wright 131 views 7 comments Most recent by AFF
  • NewLawyer
    Opening an immigration law firm with offices in both the U.S. and Mexico
    Hi everyone. I'm wondering if anyone has started an immigration law firm with offices in both the U.S. and another country. My spouse just joined the Foreign Service and we will soon be living in Mexico for the next two years. So I'm consider…
    NewLawyer 51 views 1 comment Most recent by MKNeal
  • kc1024
    Looking for a partner to start a solo/small firm
    I have been considering going solo over the past few months and decided that I would feel more comfortable with starting up as a partnership. I live in Central New Jersey and would prefer staying in this area but I am willing to start something in N…
    kc1024 292 views 5 comments Most recent by SegundoHijo
  • hjefferson
    What is the best business structure for a sole practitioner?
    What is the best business structure, e.g LLC, PA, for a sole practitioner?
    hjefferson 511 views 6 comments Most recent by SegundoHijo
  • AFF
    How to pass on a referral from an established attorney?
    A question for the more established attorneys. I hung my shingle 12 months ago. I've been fortunate to get some neat cases and my practice is going well. Several established, successful attorneys have referred me pretty good cases (paying clients…
    AFF 111 views 2 comments Most recent by AFF
  • samglover
    How did you calculate flat fees when you first started out?
    This discussion was created from comments split from: How Do You Decide On a Retainer Amount?.
    samglover 351 views 11 comments Most recent by paulspitz
  • bmt888
    Website Ideas?
    I posted a while back about taking over an existing practice in a rural area. I am now moving forward and want to start building a website. I was planning on going with a wordpress theme. My question is how much functionality do I need? The prev…
    bmt888 191 views 6 comments Most recent by tetonattorney
  • bmt888
    New Graduate taking over an existing law firm
    I am a very recent graduate of law school. I had previously considered opening a solo practice in my current mid-sized city but I have recently been handed an interesting opportunity. An attorney in a more rural area is retiring and offering a sit…
    bmt888 1.1K views 24 comments Most recent by peterpark
  • peterpark
    Office space question
    Hi, I am starting my own practice and decided I want a full-time office space. I am now wondering which one would be better between an executive office versus a small traditional office suite. Let me provide some details. Location: Sacramento, …
    peterpark 361 views 8 comments Most recent by peterpark
  • samglover
    How Would You Advise a New Lawyer to Prepare for the Future of Law?
    I'd like to spark a discussion about the future of law. In particular, how lawyers — new and not-new — should adapt to it. Does the future of law look a lot like its present? Maybe not? Is it time to do away with the unauthorized practice of law in …
    samglover 1.4K views 27 comments Most recent by brian moore
  • ugamoff
    Financial Structuring Question
    There is probably a better way of asking this but my question is: When you first started out, when did you feel comfortable paying yourself? I know there are a lot of variables that can dictate different responses (such as necessity of paying you…
    ugamoff 391 views 6 comments Most recent by samglover
  • Jae Nwawe
    Gopayment vs. Square vs. Paypal
    Greetings,   I just recently joined and read all the helpful information on starting a practice.  I will practice landlord & tenant law in New York City.  I am currently looking for a shared space to also get per diem work before I get clients…
    Jae Nwawe 381 views 13 comments Most recent by kentwrobertson
  • Ryan_Esq
    Forgoing Practice Management Software
    Should I forgo practice management software for the first few months of my practice when I expect almost no business, or until I start getting clients? I would like to keep my overhead low without committing to a service like CLIO or Rocket Matter …
    Ryan_Esq 551 views 11 comments Most recent by Thomas Tuft

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