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Practice Management

Discuss the business of managing a law practice, including business strategy, firm management, personal productivity, human resources, etc.
  • Thomas Seeley
    Online Payroll Services
    Revisiting this topic that I think was covered a few years ago. Does anyone use online payroll services? I'm looking for an alternative to Paychex, which is far too expensive for the services provided. Just for me and one employee.
    Thomas Seeley 51 views 7 comments Most recent by Steven Chung
  • Jonathan Kleiman
    What Can I Outsource?
    I met a guy who outsources business work to the Philippines. Given my stated fear of staff, I would be really excited to unload some tasks. But I haven't the foggiest what I could hand off, given that I've always done everything myself. Any sugge…
    Jonathan Kleiman 382 views 14 comments Most recent by mckinneylaw
  • JohnH
    Anyone tried Bench.co for bookkeeping?
    From their site: "With Bench, you get a professional online bookkeeper to do your books for you and our simple, elegant software to review your finances. It’s everything you need to forget about your bookkeeping, without actually forgetting about y…
    JohnH 688 views 2 comments Most recent by samglover
  • MHDell
    Looking for ideas for continuing representation agreement
    I practice exclusively family law, and I'm now focusing mostly on custody litigation. Frequently, at the end of a case, a former client wants to contact me with questions, usually for advice about communicating with the ex, confirming/enforcing the…
    MHDell 145 views 6 comments Most recent by Holly Sheriff
  • PeterJNickitas001
    How does Boxcryptor work? If I have SpiderOak and Crashplan Plus already, do I need this?
    PeterJNickitas001 62 views 2 comments Most recent by samglover
  • mckinneylaw
    Read an article this week on a non-recourse litigation financing online marketplace called Litcap. (Litcap dot net). I've used a standard line of credit to finance case expenses in the past but the accounting it takes to track interest on a case-by-…
    mckinneylaw 22 views 0 comments Started by mckinneylaw
  • samglover
    How Much Do You Work?
    Most lawyers start work around 9am, and only about a third of lawyers are still working at 5pm according to this chart from NPR's Planet Money: Maybe instead of talking about keeping bankers' hours, we should be talking about keeping lawyers'…
    samglover 623 views 2 comments Most recent by tetonattorney
  • Jim Malone
    Credit Cards
    I recently added credit card processing through law pay. I am interested in hearing from other lawyers about best practices in handling credit cards. Are there particular issues that should be covered in the retainer letter? Let me know your thought…
    Jim Malone 32 views 0 comments Started by Jim Malone
  • samglover
    What do you call it when you allow a client to pay over time?
    A payment plan? Client financing? Something else? (We're working on a post, and there's a disagreement over the term we want to use.)
    samglover 234 views 8 comments Most recent by ucla2k3
  • Shane McClelland
    Of counsel to a national firm with a "network" of attorneys
    Recently I noticed an advertisement for a firm seeking local counsel to assist with consumer law issues in my state. I responded to the advertisement and heard back from the national firm today. It sounds like a relatively simple arrangement - they …
    Shane McClelland 104 views 2 comments Most recent by Shane McClelland
  • mkolber
    Designation of contract or project attorney on letterhead?
    Much of the information available on contract attorneys deals with what I would call ghosting - document review, research and writing projects - that are ultimately the responsibility of and signed by a lawyer who is a regular member of the firm. Bu…
    mkolber 103 views 2 comments Most recent by tetonattorney
  • samglover
    Tell Me How to Be a Good Manager
    They don't teach management in law school, and I don't think I am very good at it. (Even if I am not a terrible manager, I don't have much confidence in my managerial abilities.) Plus, most of the materials out there on management seem to be targete…
    samglover 132 views 9 comments Most recent by Jonathan Kleiman
  • Mary Ryan
    Winding down a partnership
    I am starting a solo practice at the beginning of 2015. I don't have questions about the new firm as I have been solo before (and looking forward to it again!) My primary concern is winding down my partnership smoothly. There is no animus, but we …
    Mary Ryan 103 views 1 comment Most recent by RaeChernov

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