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Practice Management

Discuss the business of managing a law practice, including business strategy, firm management, personal productivity, human resources, etc.
  • Jamie Sutton
    Custom Field List/Best Practices?
    So we're finally slowly getting around to setting up our firm's practice management software (in Clio, if that matters). I'm slogging through all the initial customization and setup stuff, and am working on Custom Fields. As they say, you don't know…
    Jamie Sutton 216 views 2 comments Most recent by Diane925
  • MadelineLB
    Merged: Smokeball?
    This discussion has been merged.
    MadelineLB 921 views 0 comments Started by MadelineLB
  • samglover
    What kind of office do you have?
    The traditional brick-and-mortar law office isn't going anywhere, but it may no longer be the default option for new lawyers. We'd like to find out. Please vote in the poll and tell us about your law office in the comments.
    Closed samglover 811 views 23 comments Most recent by mehodges23
  • edrachman
    Document Management v. Practice Management
    I have a fairly high volume real estate transaction. We currently use a document management system (worldox) and have been very happy with it's organizational qualities. However, I'm looking into practice management softwares for a few reasons - i…
    edrachman 558 views 12 comments Most recent by Tom1
  • MHDell
    System for tracking payment plans
    I take on a bit of court-appointed Guardian ad Litem work - while my fees are ordered, there can be some difficulty for the parties to keep up with the balances, and I'm generally happy to offer reasonable payment plans to those parties. The prob…
    MHDell 104 views 7 comments Most recent by AJRichman
  • bhamlaw
    All-In One Practice Management Software v. Alternatives?
    I am a solo practitioner with a practice that is really starting to grow. I currently use a cobbled law practice management system which consists of Outlook for calendaring, task management, and contact management; Quickbooks for accounting and inv…
    bhamlaw 193 views 2 comments Most recent by samglover
  • David Cripps
    Experience with Gabbyville?
    Is anyone using Gabbyville virtual receptionists? It looks similar to Ruby Receptionists, but priced less.
    David Cripps 467 views 8 comments Most recent by edalaw
  • samglover
    What are your "working hours," and do you tell clients what they are?
    It's probably a mistake to make yourself available to clients 24/7 for non-emergencies. Nobody should have the right to expect you to answer your phone or email at all times unless there's a damn good reason. But I always wonder if clients are put o…
    samglover 318 views 9 comments Most recent by mckinneylaw
  • Lisa Stratton
    Tracking client intake info
    We are a nonprofit advocacy firm that has a litigation practice representing clients directly. We are looking into improving our case intake/handling process and tracking relevant information for all potential client inquiries. We've created an Ex…
    Lisa Stratton 95 views 1 comment Most recent by Gersh
  • DanMcAlister
    Firm Central
    Has anyone used ThomsonReuters/West's "Firm Central" Case Management Software? How does it compare to other similar products?
    DanMcAlister 176 views 5 comments Most recent by mckinneylaw
  • alphaomegan
    Has anyone used the virtual receptionist service ReceptionHQ? Thanks in advance for your feedback.
    alphaomegan 72 views 0 comments Started by alphaomegan
  • Jason P. Howie
    Color Letterhead: pre-printed versus do-it-yourself
    Hi everyone. This might not be the typical question in our technology heavy industry. I practice civil litigation. The base of my practice is "one plaintiff and one defendant" type cases. Our local court rules do not permit, for example, court fili…
    Jason P. Howie 387 views 4 comments Most recent by Jason P. Howie
  • Jamie Sutton
    Subscription based legal plans
    I was wondering if the commentariat here has any experience with subscription based billing plans? It seems to be an idea which came, mostly left, but might be becoming more popular again. In searching through the threads, I found a couple of people…
    Jamie Sutton 252 views 7 comments Most recent by AidenKramer
  • mckinneylaw
    Task Management for Groups
    Just listened to Sam's excellent interview of Allison Shields on this week's Podcast and it got me thinking about an issue that I have struggled with for some time. I am a big fan of David Allen's GTD methodology for task management and have used…
    mckinneylaw 93 views 6 comments Most recent by tomstubbs
  • samglover
    How do you balance your kids and your law practice?
    I'd like to start a conversation here about balancing kids and law practice. I know it's hard, especially if you are solo — and even more especially if you are a single parent and solo. How do you make sure that you give time and attention to you…
    samglover 152 views 5 comments Most recent by brian moore
  • AFF
    Negotiating with Westlaw
    In my volunteer position for the local bar association, I am negotiating with Westlaw regarding the law library's account. I am finding it impossible to get a straight answer out of Westlaw. They have told me that they will send me a breakdown of…
    AFF 504 views 5 comments Most recent by Entrepreneur
  • anseljh
    How to tell if potential (pro bono) clients are crazy?
    I get referrals sometimes from a non-profit that maintains a list of attorneys who take pro bono cases. Some of them are pretty interesting. Some are pretty obviously crazy. But some are in the middle: plausible, but also possibly crazy. How do you …
    anseljh 141 views 3 comments Most recent by Greg Broiles
  • Jeffrey_Taylor
    How do you handle A/P and accounting with cloud-based case management software?
    I'm testing a bunch of cloud-based case management systems to see whether they're robust enough to replace my desktop/software system. So far, they're rudimentary, but satisfy the process. Except for the accounting aspect. I'm not sure what pe…
    Jeffrey_Taylor 214 views 7 comments Most recent by rkabra
  • samglover
    What does it mean to be "of counsel" to a firm?
    I've never been clear on what this actually means.
    samglover 317 views 4 comments Most recent by Adam Lilly
  • Josh Camson
    Logging All Phone Calls
    A recent article on Lawyerist (https://lawyerist.com/79673/keep-call-log/) pointed to an article at The Unwashed Advocate (http://unwashedadvocate.com/2015/01/05/call-log-itll-save-your-ass/) about keeping a call log. I think this is a great idea…
    Josh Camson 303 views 5 comments Most recent by mike@drummlaw.com

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