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Practice Management

Discuss the business of managing a law practice, including business strategy, firm management, personal productivity, human resources, etc.
  • jenbacwoj
    Practice Panther, any reviews?
    I'm checking out practice management solutions for my firm. Prior to my joining the firm was a solo with 3–4 support staff. At present, we're 2 attorneys, 2 paralegals, 1 bookkeeper/legal assistant. I'm intrigued by Practice Panther's features as co…
    jenbacwoj 759 views 2 comments Most recent by jenbacwoj
  • samglover
    How do you (try to) achieve work-life balance?
    Disclaimer: I think everyone balances work and life differently. I think you've got to find the balance that makes you happy, then make it happen. But if you're overwhelmed and miserable, you definitely haven't achieved any kind of balance. For t…
    samglover 103 views 6 comments Most recent by April King
  • Steve Richardson
    Time Management in the Cloud - Switching from Time Matters
    Due to recent computer issues, I am looking into moving my practice to the cloud. I have already secured Office 365, but I need to do something about my practice management software. I currently use Time Matters and love it, but there are some key f…
    Steve Richardson 139 views 6 comments Most recent by Steve Richardson
  • TheoRand
    Salesforce Platform: Anyone else using it?
    I'm starting this discussion to share, learn and collaborate about Salesforce platform that has a relatively small footprint in the legal sector (and thus leaving me with a scarcity of people to converse with). On the Salesforce platform, I’ve built…
    TheoRand 137 views 5 comments Most recent by TheoRand
  • Felicity_Hardee
    Felicity_Hardee 11 views 0 comments Started by Felicity_Hardee
  • Brannon Dupree
    Capturing/Tracking phone calls with Clio or 3rd party app
    Anyone using Clio have any suggestions on capturing/tracking phone calls within Clio or some 3rd party app? I know there is the communications tab but it's not user friendly and hard to keep up with calls from new/potential clients. In my old firm…
    Brannon Dupree 283 views 21 comments Most recent by jasongershenson
  • EagleLegal
    What to track in law practice
    Was wondering what others do to track performance. Of course we follow cash flow and review monthly accounting statements but that doesn't tell the whole story. I was wondering what metrics others use to track performance in their work. Every month …
    EagleLegal 123 views 4 comments Most recent by moneyadvisor
  • samglover
    What have you learned from failed experiments?
    Inspired by this post on Lee Rosen's blog, I thought it would be interesting to see examples of field experiments. After all, you cannot grow if you don't experiment. I tried a lot of experiments with my practice. The one that comes up a lot is c…
    samglover 103 views 6 comments Most recent by chadmurray
  • RobertTheofanis
    Does anyone have expience with Legal Intake Professions?
    I'm thinking about using Legal Intake Professionals for intake only. Does anybody have any experience with them? Are there other intake-only vendors out there?
    RobertTheofanis 62 views 0 comments Started by RobertTheofanis
  • EagleLegal
    Quickbooks- recording liens?
    Our contingent fee cases frequently have liens that have to be paid upon settlement (hospital and ambulance bills, or various other bills owed that are deferred to the end of the case). We have methods for recording and keeping up with them to make …
    EagleLegal 43 views 1 comment Most recent by Adam Lilly
  • Nick_Ortiz
    Automated Communications
    Anyone communicating with clients via automation? Example, using software to automatically send emails at certain intervals of the case? Could be using anything from Aweber, Mailchimp, Ontraport and Infusionsoft. If so, what do you use and how is it…
    Nick_Ortiz 276 views 3 comments Most recent by JoleenaLouis
  • EagleLegal
    Non-vendor case management options?
    My law firm is just over a year old and has had very healthy growth. The spreadsheet we use to keep up with our client list and other basic case info is still useful but we're at a point where we need something dedicated to case management. I've loo…
    EagleLegal 207 views 8 comments Most recent by thedansherman
  • jasongershenson
    Has anyone entered time in Timeslips using a spreadsheet?
    The firm I work for uses Timeslips for time tracking and billing. I use Toggl, which can export a pretty detailed spreadsheet of my time entries. I'm looking to circumvent having to re-enter every single time entry each month...it's by far my bigges…
    jasongershenson 52 views 5 comments Most recent by jasongershenson
  • Adam Lilly
    IOLTA in QuickBooks
    When I started out, I hired an accountant to give me a run-down of QuickBooks, as I had no prior knowledge of accounting. While I think the system he showed me works very well for my general income and expenses, I've never been fully satisfied with …
    Adam Lilly 323 views 6 comments Most recent by samglover
  • MHDell
    Looking for templates: new employee checklist + employee handbook
    I just hired my first full-time, salaried staff member (other than my husband). So I'll have a fully trained, experienced paralegal beginning next Monday. Here's what I'm looking for help with: Since she's my first "real" salaried employee, I d…
    MHDell 292 views 1 comment Most recent by samglover
  • JasonCarpenter
    Law Firm Coaching... Does it work?
    I am seeing a number of ads for law firm coaching websites/services. They claim to have methods for success and ideas in place to help you succeed. I am a new solo and do not want to reinvent the wheel with how to start a firm, but think these se…
    JasonCarpenter 157 views 5 comments Most recent by MHDell
  • dwilliams@wklawpc.com
    What happens to my files when I cancel?
    If I use a cloud based practice management software, what happens to my files, my data, my information, if I cancel or switch? Can I still get my information?
    dwilliams@wklawpc.com 182 views 4 comments Most recent by paulspitz
  • GerardFox
    CRM, who's the best?
    Dear friends, we're looking to implement a new Client Relationship Management tool. Suggestions would be much appreciated! Please don't sign your posts. —Mod.
    GerardFox 263 views 6 comments Most recent by thedansherman
  • Chumola
    Associate and Non-Equity Partner compensation
    I am the managing partner of a small law firm in a relatively small market (East Coast; about 500k people) and am looking to learn more about typical compensation packages for associates and non-equity partners in similar firms. I'll get the bal…
    Chumola 592 views 2 comments Most recent by Chumola
  • samglover
    Do you multitask or focus?
    Some of you have some seriously impressive multi-monitor setups, which makes me wonder how it affects your focus. There's lots of evidence that multitasking is a myth, but it also may be unavoidable for busy lawyers. What's your approach?
    Closed samglover 252 views 3 comments Most recent by ccarson

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