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Secure client portal exporting feature

J_Liberman392J_Liberman392 Atlanta GA
edited May 18 in Practice Management

I am considering replacing regular email communications with secure client portal messaging, at least for certain client matters. However, the practice management software I use does not allow the option to export all messages to a secondary format. I am concerned about the lack of a local backup copy of these messages as well as the inability to produce the messages in any useful or easily managed format, should the need ever arise. Attachments to messages are no problem - they obviously live elsewhere and are backed up. It's the text of the messages that I am talking about. Are there practice management software programs with portals that allow the messages themselves to be exported? Thanks for any tips.


  • samgloversamglover Minneapolis, MN Admin

    That's a good question. I know you can back up your data with some. Clio's data escrow feature, for example, allows you to back up your data to your own Amazon instance. I thought MyCase supported this, too, but I'm not seeing it on the website so maybe I was mistaken.

    Of course, a backup isn't necessarily a usable format. It's a data bundle meant for restoring your information in the event something goes wrong. It won't get you a human-readable discussion thread like when you print to PDF from Outlook.

    You could at least try printing to PDF from the browser. MyCase and Clio, at least, both have Print buttons and nicely formatted discussion threads if you want to print to paper or PDF.

    So I'm not sure what you're using, but that could be an option.

    If you ever needed to export your messages in bulk for a one-time thing like document production in discovery, I imagine your vendor might be able to help you with that.

  • Hi there,

    I'm the Legal Technology Evangelist at MyCase and wanted to jump in and supplement the information provided by Sam re: exporting data from MyCase. You can export data from MyCase as explained here: https://help.mycase.com/s/article/ka9800000008SEWAA2/How-do-I-get-my-data-out-of-MyCase . And, as Sam explained you can also print individual messages as well.

    Thanks and hope that helps!

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