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Scam du Jour

paulspitzpaulspitz Cincinnati, OH ✭✭
edited May 2 in Practice Management

Here's the latest in a long line of scams directed at lawyers. If the admins here don't mind, I'm going to post all the scams that I receive, so that my fellow lawyers don't fall into any of these traps.

Dear Counsel,

I want to inquire if your firm can draft business agreement for sale transactions rather assist us in drafting sale transaction agreement or A referral will be welcome if this is not your area of practice.kindly advice regarding this issue as soon as possible.

Yours Sincerely,
Thomas Lim(Chirman Board Of Director)
Choo Chiang Holdings Ltd
10 Woodlands Loop Singapore 738388
Tel: (65)6302-0288
Fax: (65)6363 5922

Of course, it came from this email - choochiangholdingsltdi@gmail.com - which is the giveaway. The actual company domain is @ccm.sg. Also, why would a major overseas company contact a solo practitioner to help with an acquisition? And I quoted an exorbitant and excessive fee, which Tommy (or Vladimir, or Boris, or Sergey) never once questioned. Ilya just kept asking for my retainer letter. Today I wrote Leonid back to inform him that the actual Choo Chiang Holdings has this posted on its website and Facebook page:

We have noticed that recently some unknown persons have been writing emails using some Fake GMAIL Accounts in the name our company & our Chairman / CEO to communicate with Lawyers' Offices in the USA for Legal Services. These are fake and should be disregarded.
Any clarifications please write to our general email ccm@ccm.sg, or call us at +65 6368 5922, or fax us at +65 6363 5922.
Thank you.
CCM Web Admin

Just as an FYI, over the past couple of years, these scams have generally involved sales of dredging equipment. My brother, who is an attorney in Denver, recently got one involving the sale of an 80-foot motorboat from some company in Georgia (probably Georgia in Eastern Europe) to a company in Colorado, which is landlocked. They were not able to provide any explanation of how they would get the boat to Colorado.

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  • There must be a way to sue those fake emails by getting those ips etc.

  • paulspitzpaulspitz Cincinnati, OH ✭✭

    If we could find them to sue, we could find them for the FBI or Interpol to arrest and prosecute. Unfortunately, the FBI isn't interested. I have two checks in my desk drawer, one for $300K and one for $350K, and both look pretty good. I contacted the FBI two years ago about these (physical evidence, FBI!!!!), and didn't get any response.

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