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Opinions on Cosmolex?

Can anyone comment on their experience with an integrated, cloud-based legal software package called Cosmolex from Uptime Legal Software?

Here's the website: http://www.uptimelegal.com/cloud/cosmolex/.

I would be interested in these questions, among others:
1. Has anyone ported a Time Matters installation over to Cosmolex?
2. How does email work, especially coordinating business and personal email?
3. How does the billing module work? Can it handle mediation cases where there are two or more clients all with separate accounts?
4. How is the technical support? They claim unlimited tech support not only on their software, but also on Office.
5. How is the uptime? Have there been any significant outages?
6. How is the response time? If I have a high-speed Internet connection, is it good?

Anything else you would like to contribute?

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