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Organizing slightly different file versions?

Has anyone tried pdf portfolios to consolidate different versions of documents? (Not talking about version control on a multi user multi edit document)

Every time something is filed in a case I am on it seems I am left with 4-6 different versions of the filing. For example, I just received the opposing parties' Answer in the mail with true copy stamps and blue ink signature, I also have the draft that was emailed, and official stamped by the court copy, and a few others I cannot remember. Practically speaking I just need one copy of the Answer and lean toward saving just the court stamped version as this is what the court would consider to be "the official" version. Another part of me wants to keep all of them, they are very similar, and no the differences do not amount to much but it is hard to let go of information.

I know how to create/use the portfolios but I am wondering if anyone has regular day to day experiences using portfolio's in this way that could comment on how they like it. I am concerned that in situations where I want to attach a single version of a document in a multi version portfolio that I might be kicking myself that I made it more complicated than just a single pdf.

In my jurisdiction the efiling rules and related service rules keep changing. Half the time opposing counsels version of filing or service is below what the rules require (the filing gets to me but not in a method that the civil procedure rules consider service). I have never been bitten by a service mistake myself (or used OC's mistake offensively). Still, it feels like it might happen one day so I can see the value in keeping track of these small changes in document versions.

Any thoughts/comments are much appreciated.


  • samgloversamglover Minneapolis, MN Admin

    I usually keep all versions and just append (Official) or (Filed) or whatever seems useful, as appropriate. I usually keep them in separate folders, as well. I think it is useful to have a folder for the official record separate from other versions of those documents.

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