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Cashflow.... show me the money

JasonCarpenterJasonCarpenter Harrisburg, PA
edited January 2 in Practice Management

I am a divorce attorney in Harrisburg PA who only bills flat fees with monthly automatic payments. I keep clients credit card information on file and bill monthly on specific days.

I need a cashflow projection system or websites.Any suggestions? Bonus points if it intergrates with Clio and/or Zapier.

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  • samgloversamglover Minneapolis, MN Admin

    What is a cashflow protection system?

  • JasonCarpenterJasonCarpenter Harrisburg, PA

    Forgive me. It was a typo meaning "projection" not "protection".

    Delete the post and let me repost corrected?

  • samgloversamglover Minneapolis, MN Admin

    @JasonCarpenter said:
    Delete the post and let me repost corrected?

    You can just edit your post. Hover over the post, click the gear icon in the upper right, and select Edit.

    Is there any particular information you want to get out of it, or is it enough if you can just see at a glance that in March you can expect to have $_____ in cash?

  • JasonCarpenterJasonCarpenter Harrisburg, PA

    Yes. Precisely. Monthly is good, weekly would be great as well. I am taking episodes 99 and 100 to heart. Cashflow is one of the critical KPIs I am installing.

    No gear at top right for original post. Only my reply has that ability.

  • Hi Jason, what accounting system do you use? Some have cash projections built in - Clio is integrated with Quickbooks (QB) and they have cashflow weekly in one version. Also, QB offers an integration to something called Float - http://floatapp.com/ but it is not free. I personally just use Excel for my cash flow projections. I think if you asked Clio they might be able to find a report that works from your billings to export cash flow - did you ask their support? Hope that helps!

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