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Discuss the Weekend Project: Your Office Exploded

samgloversamglover Minneapolis, MN Admin

From today's weekend project:

Sketch out your disaster recovery plan if something like this were to happen to you. Literally write it out on paper while you are sipping a drink at the cabin. How would you recover all the files you need to go forward as if nothing had happened?

If you already have a disaster recovery plan, use this scenario to test it. Without access to your office or your laptop,1 could you pull up all the materials you used at your last big trial or closing so you could prepare as usual?

If you run into any problems or you need suggestions (for software, procedures, etc.), post them here.


  • does anyone have a sample disaster recovery plan

  • samgloversamglover Minneapolis, MN Admin

    The thing is, if you plan for disaster, it doesn't have to be complicated. Mine is actually pretty simple and goes something like this:

    1. Find/buy another computer or iPad.
    2. Install Dropbox and MS Office.
    3. Get back to work.

    For some things, like a Monday hearing, I'd probably just go forward with my phone and a notepad. A phone wouldn't be ideal if I needed to look up something, but I could make do for a motion hearing.

    If I needed to print anything and I couldn't get my hands on a new laser printer in time, FedEx/Kinko's should do the trick, or else a friendly court clerk. Let's say I've got a trial coming up and I lost all my exhibits. Hopefully I could just use my digital copy/TrialPad. But if I absolutely had to put together another paper set, I guess it would mean a long day at FedEx/Kinko's.

  • bpearce1bpearce1 Charlotte, NC


    You seem awfully confident that all of your files are backed up to Dropbox on a consistent basis. Why are you so sure that this is, in fact, the case? Why aren't you using a different solution such as CrashPlan or Carbon Copy Cloner?


  • samgloversamglover Minneapolis, MN Admin

    I'm confident in Dropbox because I regularly test it and I've never had a problem with it losing files. But I don't subscribe to Pack Rat so Dropbox is only short-term backup. For long-term backup I use Crashplan, which I also test regularly.

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