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Salesforce Platform: Anyone else using it?

I'm starting this discussion to share, learn and collaborate about Salesforce platform that has a relatively small footprint in the legal sector (and thus leaving me with a scarcity of people to converse with). On the Salesforce platform, I’ve built apps for contracts management, regulatory compliance, anti-piracy (IP protection/automated DMCA takedown notification and tracking), rights management, etc. These have much more complex functionality than what one person can do with any other platform, in my view. Among the tools the platform lets me leverage are fields and tables, data validation, approvals, complex processes and workflows, granular field level security controls, field-level history tracking, mobile app deployment, custom single-click actions, email templates, integrations with enterprise applications — all within one relational universe. Anyone else using the Salesforce platform for legal application development or interested in how it works, please join in.


  • rmarthur67rmarthur67 Milwaukee, WI

    Salesforce is underused in the legal world, I agree. There is Advologix, which I demoed and liked. The license has a minimum number of seats, so it really doesn't work for solos.

    I used to be a software developer, so I might be a bit out of the norm for attorneys. I like the flexibility of Salesforce.

  • samgloversamglover Minneapolis, MN Admin

    Advologix was the one I was trying to remember in the other thread, not ActionStep. Thanks!

  • rmarthur67rmarthur67 Milwaukee, WI

    This is not about Salesforce, but Microsoft is about to make their Salesforce-ish competitor, Dynamics, available as a service in Dynamics 365. It may be an interesting platform for the legal sector, as well.

  • TheoRandTheoRand Burbank, CA

    I've been eyeing Microsoft dynamics for a long time. Let's see what they come up with.

  • TheoRandTheoRand Burbank, CA

    By the way, @rmarthur67, the reason I started this thread is because I see Dynamics, Salesforce, Zoho, and other business app platforms as effectively empowering lawyers with an infinite range of solutions that are compatible and inherently integrated by dint of using the same pallet. Platforms aren't "suites" or features -- they're toolboxes, and they give anyone the ability to create, tinker, design and deploy apps and that address a specific pain and then build and expand upon those apps, leveraging what is already in place without duplication of effort or data. Whether the pressing pain is templates, or document management, or billing -- a lawyer can quickly solve the problem and then add some more "Lego" blocks at a later date to build and use something more comprehensive.

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