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New Phone System

I am looking for a new phone system. I currently am just using landlines and have an answering service for when we are closed. In my office there are 3 of us total.

I am either going to get: (1) traditional phone system (landline) with a virtual receptionist; or (2) VOIP.

Here are three features I would like besides the normal office-related phone features (3-way calling; voicemail; speaker phone; etc.):

  • Ability to make/ receive calls from other phones (cell) making it appear as if coming from office;
  • Ability to turn it off and not go thru Auto-Attendant/ Virtual Receptionist; and
  • Ability to set times that it automatically turns on or off.

Any suggestions?



  • thedanshermanthedansherman Maple Plain, MN

    Take a look at RingCentral, I think it will do everything you want for about $100/month ($35/user).

    We use a FreePBX system, with Mitel 6869i phones. It can do everything you want, plus a lot more. But setup is not a picnic, and it's pricey: about $1,000 for the phone system, plus $190 per phone. I'd recommend hiring out the installation, which will add another several hundred. Our service is through Flowroute, which works great. If you go with a self-hosted VOIP solution, I highly recommend them.

  • samgloversamglover Minneapolis, MN Admin

    Here are a couple of other discussion threads that might have useful information:

  • chadmurraychadmurray Decatur, IL

    I use Nextiva. For my phone with two numbers (only one active line though), it costs $42.00 a month.

  • I have Dialpad and it's great.

  • I used RingCentral (at about $80.00/mo. for a main number and two extensions). When my assistant left, I switched to Phone.com, which is about $35.00 for one number (which rings to my office phones and my mobile phone), plus a fax number.

    Both systems worked with Obihai desk phones (which are designed to work for Google Voice, but I think can work with almost any VoIP system.).

  • I've been very happy with RingCentral for the last few years. They provide all of the features you specify in your post.

    However, RC has been inching up in price.

    If I were opening today, I'd probably try out dialpad.com.

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