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Practice Management

Discuss the business of managing a law practice, including business strategy, firm management, personal productivity, human resources, etc.
  • erinlevine
    Integrating Clio and Papercut??
    Hi All - Has anyone used papercut with clio? Clean integration? Any issues? Am I a jerk for billing clients for copies? ;-)
    erinlevine 318 views 1 comment Most recent by samglover
  • ct-esq
    Email Archive Solutions?
    Like many solo practitioners, I rely on email and like many of you, I routinely send some of my email to the "archive." Whether it is an IMAP folder on the mail server in the cloud or an archive folder in a PST, it gets moved somewhere. After six…
    ct-esq 357 views 6 comments Most recent by PaulSanto
  • Lisa Stratton
    Litigation budget template?
    Does anyone have a template form that they use to estimate the likely out-of-pocket cost of litigating a case?
    Lisa Stratton 393 views 2 comments Most recent by ChrisHegarty
  • newlife2649
    Law Practice Bookkeeping/Accounting Pain Points
    I am writing an article on the pains of lawyers with solo and small practices when it comes to taking care of their bookkeeping for the practice. So my questions are: What is the biggest pain you have when it comes to bookkeeping for your law pract…
    newlife2649 205 views 7 comments Most recent by SarahGold
  • Jamie Sutton
    Calculating Virtual Receptionist Minutes
    So here's a question, we're thinking about using Ruby Receptionists, Answer 1, Vicky Virtual, etc. etc. Some sort of virtual receptionist/scheduling service. But I haven't even the slightest idea where to begin calculating how many minutes we would …
    Jamie Sutton 257 views 5 comments Most recent by Majay
  • alphaomegan
    Alternatives to Ruby Receptionists in light of price increase
    I have been using the virtual receptionist service Ruby Receptionists for over a year. They are the third virtual receptionist service I have used, and they're by far the best. It's not even close, really. Ruby just sent me an email informing me …
    alphaomegan 3.4K views 27 comments Most recent by Majay
  • Wes Christensen
    Opinions on Cosmolex?
    Can anyone comment on their experience with an integrated, cloud-based legal software package called Cosmolex from Uptime Legal Software? Here's the website: http://www.uptimelegal.com/cloud/cosmolex/. I would be interested in these questions,…
    Wes Christensen 303 views 1 comment Most recent by samglover
  • GregClaessens
    Organizing slightly different file versions?
    Has anyone tried pdf portfolios to consolidate different versions of documents? (Not talking about version control on a multi user multi edit document) Every time something is filed in a case I am on it seems I am left with 4-6 different version…
    GregClaessens 180 views 1 comment Most recent by samglover
  • robert_monahan
    "Small Law Firm KPIs" Coming to Kindle?
    I really enjoyed the podcast about the new book, Small Law Firm KPIs! It was terrific. Keep up the good work, guys! Tt gave me a ton of ideas. And it made me want to buy the book. But I almost never buy hard copy books anymore. Do you have any idea …
    robert_monahan 173 views 2 comments Most recent by samglover
  • JasonCarpenter
    Cashflow.... show me the money
    I am a divorce attorney in Harrisburg PA who only bills flat fees with monthly automatic payments. I keep clients credit card information on file and bill monthly on specific days. I need a cashflow projection system or websites.Any suggestions? …
    JasonCarpenter 220 views 5 comments Most recent by Mary Juetten
  • RobertTheofanis
    Scanning Vendors
    Does anyone have any experience with third-party scanning vendors? My firm has a very high volume of incoming documents so I'm exploring whether it'd be more cost effective to use a third-party vendor for our routine scanning. In terms of workflo…
    RobertTheofanis 72 views 1 comment Most recent by samglover
  • williamanderson
    Scanning at the Client's Home
    I have been seeing someone who is about to shut down their firm to go virtual and she asked this question. Any ideas would be appreciated. Let's say I am at a client's house and they are signing their will, power of attorney and advance medical d…
    williamanderson 319 views 15 comments Most recent by samglover
  • Jamie Sutton
    Collections for Deadbeat Clients
    So, our retainer slash attorney-client agreement takes great pains to specify that we're a small organization operating on a charitable/non-profit basis, that we offer significant discounts on market-rate, etc. etc. Part of the agreement also explai…
    Jamie Sutton 557 views 18 comments Most recent by ct-esq
  • Jeffrey Lapin
    New Phone System
    I am looking for a new phone system. I currently am just using landlines and have an answering service for when we are closed. In my office there are 3 of us total. I am either going to get: (1) traditional phone system (landline) with a virtual …
    Jeffrey Lapin 646 views 6 comments Most recent by ct-esq
  • dfmo
    Small In-House Counsel Project Managment Solution
    We have a small legal department for a mid sized company. Our legal depart is 9 people - 6 lawyers (including the GC) and 3 project staff (not secretaries) and are looking for a new solution for the General Counsel and team to help keep track of pro…
    dfmo 189 views 3 comments Most recent by samglover
  • paulspitz
    Yet Another Scam Directed Against Lawyers
    This one is designed to get you to click on a link, which then installs malicious software or ransomware on your computer system. Here's the article from the ABA Journal: http://www.abajournal.com/news/article/dont_click_lawyers_get_fake_emails_a…
    paulspitz 243 views 3 comments Most recent by Adam Lilly
  • Aaron_Sandvig
    Project Management Programs in 2016
    There were some discussions last year about project management options and Basecamp came up pretty consistently. I've also looked at Asana and a few others. It appears that the options are more numerous than one's ability to sample them all. That be…
    Aaron_Sandvig 179 views 4 comments Most recent by samglover
  • samglover
    Experience with Advologix?
    This discussion was created from comments split from: Salesforce Platform: Anyone else using it?.
    samglover 62 views 1 comment Most recent by abruningjr
  • samglover
    Discuss the Weekend Project: Your Office Exploded
    From today's weekend project: Sketch out your disaster recovery plan if something like this were to happen to you. Literally write it out on paper while you are sipping a drink at the cabin. How would you recover all the files you need to go f…
    samglover 123 views 4 comments Most recent by samglover
  • susanmano
    Merged: disaster recovery plan
    This discussion has been merged.
    susanmano 1 view 0 comments Started by susanmano

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