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CRM/Lead Management Setup

Hey all, I recorded a quick video tutorial on my lead management setup. This basically covers the time from when a new lead comes in to when the client signs an engagement agreement.

This is my own setup, but I'm sure it can be improved. Let me know if you have any suggestions. I did this with Podio, but I bet you could use other platforms if they're flexible enough. Trello combined with Zapier might be good alternative (and I've never tried a dedicated solution like Lexicata).

Let me know of any comments or questions. Hope it helps anyone trying to keep track of and measure leads/engagements.


  • AFFAFF United States

    Nice. I spent some time playing around with Podio today--I think a lot of the value in it is it forces you to think through what you actually need from your systems.

  • I would actually recommend Lexicata. It has improved the intake process at my firm dramatically. My staff also really like it to. It has a very quick learning curve, has e-documents and is cheaper than Docusign (which only has a portion of the benefits.) I know it sounds like a commercial, but I've been very happy with Lexicata.

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