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Subsidiary/affiliate firms for branding purposes?

In the process of thinking about how my partner and I will be branding our own firm, I got the kooky idea of setting up a subsidiary or affiliate entity purely for the purpose of branding and marketing non-overlapping practice areas. That is, instead of marketing one firm as "full service," we would have two entities with branding and marketing targeted to different client bases (e.g., one firm for consumers, another for businesses). Maybe it could even be as simple as setting up two different DBAs?

Apparently this is still a novel idea in the legal world. I can't think of any reason why this couldn't happen. Anyone have any thoughts on why it should or shouldn't?


  • samgloversamglover Minneapolis, MN Admin

    There are definitely firms that have different websites for different practice areas (I did, in fact), and I've seen firms with several DBAs. But I'm not sure I see the benefit of creating an actual subsidiary entity. Wouldn't that be more trouble than it's worth?

  • Sam, that's the conclusion I'm coming to as well. Unless one wanted to keep finances separate for some reason, I can't think of any reason to have a separate entity.

  • stefan.gstefan.g Bucharest / Romania

    Well, this happens when legislation gave to much freedom to a profession. :smile:
    Here, in Romania, we are not allowed to advertise anything, not even our fees. All we can post to a website is the name on the practice, address and legal field...

  • NatalieGNatalieG South Florida

    Make sure to check with your state's bar bc I know in FL, you cannot hold yourself out as two different names. What you can do is buy different URLs that land on different pages of your website so if you're advertising family law lets say, you can use FamilyLawLawyer.com (or whatever) on all that advertising with that url sending them to your family law page and then for criminal law you would use another url ie CriminalLawLawyer.com with that url sending people directly to your criminal law page. you get the idea. That might accomplish the same goal without running into all the other problems. Good luck!

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