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SquareSpace SEO

Adam LillyAdam Lilly Cumming, Georgia

I switched my site over to SquareSpace a few months ago, because I wasn't able to get a professional enough look on my Wordpress site, despite constant tinkering. While I very much like the look of the SquareSpace site I have now, it seems to have killed what little SEO mojo I had going. On Wordpress, I had used a few plugins that seemed to work - they got me at least in the ballpark of what I was looking for. Now, I'm not coming up in the first 10 pages on Google for search terms I try. Does anyone have any tips for boosting SEO on a SquareSpace site? I'd also love it if anyone had a recommendation for an SEO service that's helped enough to be worthwhile.


  • samgloversamglover Minneapolis, MN Admin

    Your options for tinkering with SEO on SquareSpace seem to be a lot more limited. Admittedly, I don't have a lot of experience with SquareSpace. But we used it for the TBD Law website, so I've got a site to play with, at least.

    It looks like you pretty much have to edit each page individually. So you can change the page title and slug, and even add code to the header. So you can do much of the things that the WordPress plugin you were using was doing for you, but you have to do it all manually.

    I've also heard—though I'm not sophisticated enough to know whether it's true—that because your site is one of many on the same collection of servers, that could cause negative SEO consequences. Again, I've got no idea if that's true, but maybe @gyitsakalakis can weigh in.

  • gyitsakalakisgyitsakalakis Chicago Admin

    There's really nothing inherently SEO-unfriendly about Squarespace. However, like WordPress, it requires some configuration. If you're willing to share the domain, I'd be happy to take a look.

  • Adam LillyAdam Lilly Cumming, Georgia
    edited August 2016

    Gyi - that would be great. It's adamlillylaw.com. If you were talking about more back-end stuff, I'll dm you the info.

  • thedanshermanthedansherman Maple Plain, MN

    You can add site-wide code under Settings>Website|Advanced>Code Injection, if that helps.

  • gyitsakalakisgyitsakalakis Chicago Admin
    edited August 2016

    @Adam Lilly A couple initial observations. First, update your h1 tags. You should only have on unique h1 per page. Currently, the first h1 is your firm's logo. I'd remove the h1 from this line. Second, while probably not a ranking factor, you should add a unique meta description for each page.

    @Adam Lilly said:

    Now, I'm not coming up in the first 10 pages on Google for search terms I try.

    What queries did you previously appear for that you stopped ranking for after the switch?

    I'd also encourage you to add your Name, Address, Phone information to the footer of each page of your site and mark it up with Legal Services Schema. For many of the queries your pages are optimized for (i.e cumming divorce attorney) Google is showing local pack results. Your best bet to appear for these queries is to focus on local search ranking factors. These are primarily getting your NAP information right across the web and building local links. You can read more about this here and here.

    While I would definitely clean-up some of the technical issues (i.e. h1 tags, meta descriptions, optimized on-page content, etc), IMHO, the biggest factors impeding your ability to appear for your target queries relate to local search ranking factors. Hope this helps.

    UPDATE: Looks like you might only be able to update some of these issues by updating theme files, which could be a huge PITA.

  • Adam LillyAdam Lilly Cumming, Georgia

    @Gyi Tsakalakis - Thank you so much for this. To the extent that I can, I'm going to work on these over the next week and try to punch it up some. That was really cool of you.

  • gyitsakalakisgyitsakalakis Chicago Admin

    @Adam Lilly Happy to help. If any other questions come up, don't hesitate to ping me.

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