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MyCase.com websites

Does anybody have any experience using a My Case designed website? Their current offer is to build the site for $500, and then it's $50 a month for them to host and maintain the site. They do basic SEO and have attractive site designs, though they look like they just use one basic template and customize it somewhat for each client. Each site does offer your clients integrated access to their My Case portal and offers you Google Analytics access, as well. I already use My Case and have been pretty happy with it.


  • chadmurraychadmurray Decatur, IL

    That pricing doesn't sound horrible, especially not when compared to other providers I've seen. I haven't seen their website product, but most lawyer sites look the same anyway. I'd be more concerned with the content, who writes it, and who owns it.

  • BrianCookeBrianCooke St. Louis

    My office mate and I both signed up for mycase websites. Our experience has been less than stellar. They bill you $500 once they submit a "draft" for your approval. The drafts they sent us were dismal at best and required significant revisions to be presentable. From there, it took them about a month to get my mobile site working.

    Unfortunately, it seems most of the people in their website department don't have much experience in website design. You get what you pay for. I'm going to continue working with them for now, and I really hope things improve, but I'm already looking into other options.

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