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Legal Marketing

Discuss legal marketing, from traditional strategies like networking and church bulletins to cutting-edge lead generation and SEO.
  • paulspitz
    Doing a Podcast
    I've been listening to some podcasts lately - Lawyerist, of course, as well as a Michigan Wolverines podcast (Go Blue!!) - and was thinking of doing one myself, related to my subject area of startup businesses. I've noticed that a number of readers …
    paulspitz 209 views 16 comments Most recent by smarterdigital
  • Inga Stevens
    Paying for leads? (Nolo.com)
    I have been speaking with someone from Nolo about their leads program.  Does anyone have experience with them (I guess this is a fairly new program for Nolo)?  One thing I like about it is that you pay upfront and each lead is deducted from that dep…
    Inga Stevens 7.6K views 41 comments Most recent by Lawyerlarry
  • Joseph Castelli
    CRM/Lead Management Setup
    Hey all, I recorded a quick video tutorial on my lead management setup. This basically covers the time from when a new lead comes in to when the client signs an engagement agreement. This is my own setup, but I'm sure it can be improved. Let me k…
    Joseph Castelli 41 views 0 comments Started by Joseph Castelli
  • gyitsakalakis
    Marketing Budget?
    Do you have a marketing budget? If so, how did you calculate it? What's in it? How often do you assess whether it needs adjustment?
    gyitsakalakis 360 views 9 comments Most recent by Majay
  • LawyerC
    Crowdspring for Logo Design--Any Experiences?
    My website is up (finally!) and I put my logo design project up on crowdspring yesterday.  I am offering well above the average price and all the submissions I have gotten simply suck.  As in, I could do better than any of them using Adobe Illustrat…
    LawyerC 631 views 15 comments Most recent by Adam Lilly
  • JamesHerring
    Subsidiary/affiliate firms for branding purposes?
    In the process of thinking about how my partner and I will be branding our own firm, I got the kooky idea of setting up a subsidiary or affiliate entity purely for the purpose of branding and marketing non-overlapping practice areas. That is, instea…
    JamesHerring 195 views 5 comments Most recent by NatalieG
  • ericjasonp
    Total Attorneys
    Does anyone have experience using Total Attorneys for PI leads?  Is it worth it?
    ericjasonp 2.2K views 22 comments Most recent by JECrump
  • KennyBrendan
    Keyboard Tips, Hacks, and Recommendations
    Microsoft Word and Exchange are a major source of frustration for me (and I think a lot of other lawyers). Even inserting common typographic symbols and setting up good formating can be difficult. I set up this discussion with the hope that we could…
    KennyBrendan 625 views 10 comments Most recent by samglover
  • KennyBrendan
    50-State & Fed Legal Typography Guide?
    After getting feedback on my recent article https://lawyerist.com/115103/hey-hey-ho-ho-19th-century-fonts-got-go/ about lawyers' use of fonts, it occurred to me that it would be great if we had a complete guide to the court rules affecting typograph…
    KennyBrendan 291 views 6 comments Most recent by Papabear16
  • Jeremy Clark
    Best cloud-based CRM?
    I am currently a new associate who joined up with a long-time friend and soon to be retiring solo.  It is a great opportunity for me, I get most of the freedom of being a solo but I have established systems including 3 paralegals and another attorne…
    Jeremy Clark 3.8K views 22 comments Most recent by TheoRand
  • Steve Richardson
    iTunes Category for Legal Podcasts
    I want to put my law firm's podcast on iTunes, but there doesn't seem to be an appropriate category for it. For those of you in the Lab with podcasts, what categories are you using?
    Steve Richardson 71 views 2 comments Most recent by Steve Richardson
  • Adam Lilly
    SquareSpace SEO
    I switched my site over to SquareSpace a few months ago, because I wasn't able to get a professional enough look on my Wordpress site, despite constant tinkering. While I very much like the look of the SquareSpace site I have now, it seems to have k…
    Adam Lilly 181 views 7 comments Most recent by gyitsakalakis
  • Adam Lilly
    I'm finally completing the redesign of my website I started last year after getting (really helpful) feedback from Sam. Other than a few touch ups and revising some copy, the main thing left is the logo. For the past 4-5 years, I've been using one o…
    Adam Lilly 262 views 7 comments Most recent by samglover
  • Jason Wapiennik
    Adwords Premium Partner vs. Go-it-alone
    I'm doing well with organic search rankings for my practice areas, but want to see what some PPC marketing can do for me. Does anyone have any good or bad things to say about Google Adwords Premium partners (in general), or have specific experiences…
    Jason Wapiennik 107 views 2 comments Most recent by DavidPhillips
  • Aubie_Law
    MyCase.com websites
    Does anybody have any experience using a My Case designed website? Their current offer is to build the site for $500, and then it's $50 a month for them to host and maintain the site. They do basic SEO and have attractive site designs, though the…
    Aubie_Law 170 views 2 comments Most recent by BrianCooke
  • gyitsakalakis
    Tracking fees to sources by channel (i.e. AdWords, SEO, Email, etc)?
    I'm curious about how lawyers track client fees back to their sources. If you're tracking fees to sources by channel, and you're willing to share, I'm very interested to hear your thoughts. What are you using to track fees (CRM)? How are you trackin…
    gyitsakalakis 144 views 12 comments Most recent by gyitsakalakis
  • gyitsakalakis
    How do you stay in regular touch with referral sources?
    Curious about what systems, processes, and means (if any) you're using to stay in regular contact with referral sources (lawyers, clients, etc)? Our current CRM has a keep in touch feature: https://www.nutshell.com/features/keep-in-touch/ In my e…
    gyitsakalakis 152 views 1 comment Most recent by samglover
  • Inga Stevens
    Website design + online marketing campaign
    I decided to bite the bullet and pay some money for a nice website/logo/blog.  I just got off the phone with Scorpion Design, and am interested in their marketing campaign.  For $1500 (split into 2 payments) then $500 a month, they will design my we…
    Inga Stevens 1.4K views 14 comments Most recent by AFF
  • Brad Rosen
    Bricks and Mortar or Virtual -- What Counts Most in a Lawyer’s World These Days?
    There is a lot out there that says online marketing, social media and the like are dominating the more traditional means of getting business like word of mouth, and lawyer and client referrals? I’m not so sure. What do you, the Lawyerist reader, t…
    Brad Rosen 233 views 7 comments Most recent by paulspitz
  • Brad Rosen
    Are Legal Podcasts a Thing?
    I have been a podcast fan for sometime, and have increasingly been looking at the legal podcast space. Hence I found this article in today's New York Times about podcast intriguing...and I share a couple of interesting excerpts: * "But he wa…
    Brad Rosen 123 views 4 comments Most recent by AFF

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