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UpCounsel for Wills and Trusts?

In recording my podcast today, I interviewed an attorney who works virtually through UpCounsel, which is a "matchmaker" between clients and attorneys for individuals who need business law services, such as incorporation, trademark and copyright protection, etc. This service is like UpWork -- only instead of free-lance web designers, someone hires a business law attorney.

UpCounsel did not have anything for wills and trusts.

Does anyone know: Is there something similar out there for estate planning document preparation? I mean a matchmaking service that acts as an intermediary between the client family and the lawyer? I looked at LegalZoom, and it seemed to have its own attorneys already working for them. And I didn't see how RocketLawyer had any way of pairing up a client with a lawyer to work virtually together.

Is there such a thing? Or could this be an opportunity to create something?


  • Cesar_Gomez_JDCesar_Gomez_JD South San Francisco

    There's Unbundled Attorneys, the do family and wills/trusts only I believe, and also LegalMatch (disclaimer, I work at LM - and no, not all of our subscriptions are great, but Wills/Trusts is one of the good ones). The opportunities would not be exclusive either, as with Unbundled Attorneys so that is something to consider as well.

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