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Legal Ethics

Discuss lawyers' professional responsibility and legal malpractice issues.
  • AFF
    Are send email later browser extensions for gmail consistent with RPCs?
    Does anyone use a tool to send email later with gmail (or more specifically, google apps for work). I want to send my summer intern a msg, but want it to go out in the morning instead of Sunday night. I looked at boomerang and right inbox, but I can…
    AFF 52 views 1 comment Most recent by samglover
  • AFF
    How does LinkedIn figure out confidential client info?
    I visited LinkedIn for the first time in a few months. On the LinkedIn "people you may know" connections page, it suggests that I connect with clients and opposing counsel. I signed up for LinkedIn with my personal email, which is my contact emai…
    AFF 66 views 2 comments Most recent by paulspitz
  • Troy Pickett
    Billing Clients for Ruby?
    I have recently started using Ruby Receptionists, and they are as advertised—pretty awesome. However, they are a cost expense just like a real receptionist albeit a cheaper one. Looking at the call list, my first thought was "I could bill for this."…
    Troy Pickett 151 views 4 comments Most recent by alphaomegan
  • samglover
    How would it change your practice if you could represent anyone in the country?
    I'm reading the ABA's recently-published The Relevant Lawyer: Reimagining the Future of the Legal Profession, and one of the recurring themes is the need to move away from state-based regulation and remove barriers to multijurisdictional practice. I…
    samglover 141 views 14 comments Most recent by samglover
  • samglover
    Where is your ethical stopping point?
    Lisa brought up an issue today that I think would make for an interesting conversation to have with our readers: Where is your ethical stopping point? Each practice area has its own collection of questionable practices. Consider the recent exampl…
    samglover 104 views 1 comment Most recent by paulspitz
  • samglover
    How Do You Feel About the NSA and FBI Spying on Attorney-Client Communications?
    As covered by Glenn Greenwald for The Intercept and nicely summed up by Wired, it turns out that the NSA and FBI were actually spying on attorneys, listening in on their phone calls and reading their emails. Here is an example: In 2004, dur…
    samglover 151 views 2 comments Most recent by Illuminati
  • LawyerC
    Paypal & IOLTA
    i'm going to be accepting credit cards through MyCase. All fees and chargebacks will be from my operating accounting. My assistant suggested we try to do paypal also. I'm really not familiar with paypal. Can paypal be set up to work with IOLTA …
    LawyerC 759 views 15 comments Most recent by Jonathan Kleiman
  • Jonathan Kleiman
    How to Say No
    I'm struggling a bit saying no to new clients. I spend a lot of time helping people, allowing them to get a free consult and then "30 minutes to review the file and write a letter to [whomever]" This is mostly because it's semi-worth it, and i…
    Jonathan Kleiman 181 views 5 comments Most recent by thedansherman
  • Jonathan Kleiman
    When a Small Business Stops Paying You, Do You Sue the Principal?
    I don't want to change your answer, so I'll give my opinion after.
    Jonathan Kleiman 112 views 4 comments Most recent by mattjames
  • hakim
    Retainer Agreement- Legal Fees
    Sam, I was looking over your sample agreement you posted back in 2010 on the website. I had a quick question regarding your fee. For your legal fee, you state that the money will not be put into a trust account and that the first 500 is immediate…
    hakim 122 views 3 comments Most recent by A M
  • samglover
    It Should Be Unethical to Go Without Laptop Encryption
    If you aren't encrypting your laptop, you are committing malpractice. According to me. As far as I know, there is no ethical authority that agrees with me, but they should. Here's why. Encrypting a laptop is now trivial. Seriously. Here is how to…
    samglover 778 views 16 comments Most recent by samglover
  • samglover
    Google Helpouts: Is it Ethical to Split Fees with Google?
    I noticed the launch of Helpouts, but I didn't take the time to look at the new service until Jeff Taylor wrote about it at The Droid Lawyer. Basically, it's a marketplace for experts. People can ask for help with everything from playing guitar to c…
    samglover 121 views 3 comments Most recent by gyitsakalakis
  • samglover
    Things that won't get you disbarred: lying to the court
    A New York woman tripped on the street across from a church, but changed her story when her lawyers told her there was more money in suing churches than homeowners. They pulled the client's statements from the file and hired another lawyer to handle…
    samglover 167 views 2 comments Most recent by daninoah
  • LawyerC
    Credit Cards and IOLTA...time lag
    We have signed up with the credit card processor that is integrated with MyCase, Paypros.  We have already had problems with them in terms of them improperly taking money out of the IOLTA account.  We shall see if that gets resolved ASAP and we may …
    LawyerC 54 views 10 comments Most recent by Chris Hill
  • samglover
    Friending clients on Facebook
    In my otherwise-provocative Facebook post on Saturday, I wrote that "If you need Facebook to stay in touch with your clients and former clients, you’re doing it wrong." I didn't think this part was particularly provocative. Keeping in touch with cli…
    samglover 19 views 11 comments Most recent by uswahk
  • inquiry_2
    Use your bar's ethics hotline!
    I'd like to encourage people to use their local ethics hotline as a resource. So please share your success stories to help inspire others to reach out to this valuable resource.
    inquiry_2 31 views 3 comments Most recent by Sara Rittman
  • mkt
    I gotta potential client that wants me to sign a non disclosure agreement before we discuss his "super secret" new business idea. Don't really want to sign any NDA agreements for an initial meeting. Doesn't atty/client privilege cover this even if …
    mkt 11 views 3 comments Most recent by Eric Cooperstein
  • Frank Pipitone
    Offering "Specials?"
    I recently came across an attorney website that was advertising a 10% off deal. It stated that if you paid the attorney fee in full and mentioned the ad, you would get a 10% discount on the fee. I have never seen this before on an attorney website…
    Frank Pipitone 23 views 4 comments Most recent by Frank Pipitone
  • johnpdickson
    Dual IL/WI CLE
    Does anyone know a good way to satisfy my Illinois and Wisconsin CLE requirements with the same programming (i.e. the hours will count to satisfy both requirements ? If I really wanted to push paperwork, I could apply for approval of hours from WISB…
    johnpdickson 2 views 0 comments Started by johnpdickson
  • LawyerC
    Contingent Fees / Recovery of Attorneys' Fees
    I would like to structure an fee agreement as follows: 1. In the case of recovery, I take a small contingent fee. 2. If attorney fees are awarded, I get paid for the time expended at my hourly rate. 3. If attorney fees are not awarded, I don't ge…
    LawyerC 3K views 11 comments Most recent by samglover

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