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  • JamesHerring
    Subsidiary/affiliate firms for branding purposes?
    In the process of thinking about how my partner and I will be branding our own firm, I got the kooky idea of setting up a subsidiary or affiliate entity purely for the purpose of branding and marketing non-overlapping practice areas. That is, instea…
    JamesHerring 186 views 4 comments Most recent by NatalieG Legal Marketing
  • GregClaessens
    Organizing slightly different file versions?
    Has anyone tried pdf portfolios to consolidate different versions of documents? (Not talking about version control on a multi user multi edit document) Every time something is filed in a case I am on it seems I am left with 4-6 different version…
    GregClaessens 164 views 1 comment Most recent by samglover Practice Management
  • alphaomegan
    Jury selection app
    I would appreciate it if anyone could recommend a jury selection iPad app. Thanks in advance for your help.
    alphaomegan 105 views 4 comments Most recent by Thomas Appel Legal Technology
  • ericjasonp
    Total Attorneys
    Does anyone have experience using Total Attorneys for PI leads?  Is it worth it?
    ericjasonp 2.2K views 22 comments Most recent by JECrump Legal Marketing
  • ftourigny
    Clio/Xero integration
    Hi there, For those of you who use Clio and Xero, I need to know what you think: Our firm constantly bills on two currencies ( CAD and USD) and we found out that Clio and Xero integration was not good for that. If we create a bill in Clio we hav…
    ftourigny 110 views 2 comments Most recent by ftourigny Legal Technology
  • GregClaessens
    Lawyerist Site Redesign?
    I think one of the podcasts mentioned a redesign and Lawyerist looks a little different (maybe). There is a lot on here about web design detail, is lawyerist going to share what it changed and why? Also, checked the site on ios mobile and it looks…
    GregClaessens 85 views 7 comments Most recent by samglover General Discussion
  • robert_monahan
    "Small Law Firm KPIs" Coming to Kindle?
    I really enjoyed the podcast about the new book, Small Law Firm KPIs! It was terrific. Keep up the good work, guys! Tt gave me a ton of ideas. And it made me want to buy the book. But I almost never buy hard copy books anymore. Do you have any idea …
    robert_monahan 176 views 2 comments Most recent by samglover Practice Management
  • bgerm999
    Website Optimization and Reference
    I've been reviewing the great optimized websites for small firms that were posted on Lawyerist and it's evident I need to have my firm's site brought into this decade. Does anyone have a recommendation for a reasonably priced website designer? Thank…
    bgerm999 148 views 10 comments Most recent by samglover Legal Technology
  • ANewton
    Document Management for solo estate planning/corporate practice
    I left a 15 attorney law firm about a year ago to start my own estate planning/corporate practice. One of the things I miss was the document management system on a server we had called Worldox. It gave me the ability to create different versions o…
    ANewton 285 views 4 comments Most recent by stefan.g Legal Technology
  • msspinner
    Amicus Price Jump Causing Switch
    Three years ago we switched from Timematters/Billingmatters to Amicus Premium w Billing. We were longtime TM users (from ver. 2) but grew frustrated with dropped sync with outlook and tech support response as I recall, which caused the switch. It …
    msspinner 247 views 8 comments Most recent by msspinner Legal Technology
  • robert_monahan
    Coaching a Mock Trial Team for that Hard-To-Get Trial Experience?
    Has anyone ever tried this? A retired judge suggested it to me. I was telling him that I had four trials this year -- a lot for me (a solo practice)! At each trial, I felt that I did well enough, but would have performed better if I had more prac…
    robert_monahan 86 views 3 comments Most recent by samglover Lawyering Skills
  • KennyBrendan
    Keyboard Tips, Hacks, and Recommendations
    Microsoft Word and Exchange are a major source of frustration for me (and I think a lot of other lawyers). Even inserting common typographic symbols and setting up good formating can be difficult. I set up this discussion with the hope that we could…
    KennyBrendan 605 views 10 comments Most recent by samglover Legal Marketing
  • sembry
    A Lawyer at CES 2017
    I recently came back from the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Besides being bone tired, a little dizzy from all the educational sessions and new product reveals and having caught the famed CES cold that everyone reportedly gets, there are a …
    sembry 193 views 2 comments Most recent by sembry Legal Technology
  • ftourigny
    Encryption for Google Drive
    Hi there ! I'm sure this has been discussed at some point but our firm needs an encryption solution for Google drive. What are your recommendations ? Thanks !
    ftourigny 206 views 5 comments Most recent by Richard651 Legal Technology
  • JasonCarpenter
    Cashflow.... show me the money
    I am a divorce attorney in Harrisburg PA who only bills flat fees with monthly automatic payments. I keep clients credit card information on file and bill monthly on specific days. I need a cashflow projection system or websites.Any suggestions? …
    JasonCarpenter 215 views 5 comments Most recent by Mary Juetten Practice Management
  • RobertTheofanis
    Scanning Vendors
    Does anyone have any experience with third-party scanning vendors? My firm has a very high volume of incoming documents so I'm exploring whether it'd be more cost effective to use a third-party vendor for our routine scanning. In terms of workflo…
    RobertTheofanis 73 views 1 comment Most recent by samglover Practice Management
  • katzafiro
    PocketScan portable scanner
    I just heard about the PocketScan. Does anyone here use it? Any reviews? So far, the Scanner Pro app has been working for me for small scanning projects when I am out of the office but I've been looking for something better.
    katzafiro 153 views 2 comments Most recent by samglover Legal Technology
  • nbklaw
    Any Comments on ActionStep? (Time Matters Refugee)
    I'm looking to switch to a cloud-based practice management system for a two-attorney general practice firm. I'm coming from about ten years on Time Matters, which I'm not unsatisfied with, but I am trying not to be chained to my desk anymore to get…
    nbklaw 208 views 10 comments Most recent by Matt Norris Legal Technology
  • williamanderson
    Scanning at the Client's Home
    I have been seeing someone who is about to shut down their firm to go virtual and she asked this question. Any ideas would be appreciated. Let's say I am at a client's house and they are signing their will, power of attorney and advance medical d…
    williamanderson 292 views 15 comments Most recent by samglover Practice Management
  • humphreylaw
    Trust Accounting Program HELP
    I left a small firm and started my own last month. Thirty clients (read cases) came with me. I have no flat fee clients because I solely practice litigation which does not lend itself to flat fee payments. Ok, so thirty clients (cases), all of wh…
    humphreylaw 1.4K views 19 comments Most recent by ct-esq Legal Technology

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