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  • samglover
    Needles Case Management Software
    Every time I go to TechShow, I see a booth for Needles case management software, which seems to be targeted at personal injury lawyers. I've gotten a peek at the software at the booth, and based on that, it looks just terrible. It looks like it may …
    samglover 2K views 14 comments Most recent by tossUp General Discussion
  • paulspitz
    Doing a Podcast
    I've been listening to some podcasts lately - Lawyerist, of course, as well as a Michigan Wolverines podcast (Go Blue!!) - and was thinking of doing one myself, related to my subject area of startup businesses. I've noticed that a number of readers …
    paulspitz 209 views 16 comments Most recent by smarterdigital Legal Marketing
  • Inga Stevens
    Paying for leads? (Nolo.com)
    I have been speaking with someone from Nolo about their leads program.  Does anyone have experience with them (I guess this is a fairly new program for Nolo)?  One thing I like about it is that you pay upfront and each lead is deducted from that dep…
    Inga Stevens 7.6K views 41 comments Most recent by Lawyerlarry Legal Marketing
  • Joseph Castelli
    CRM/Lead Management Setup
    Hey all, I recorded a quick video tutorial on my lead management setup. This basically covers the time from when a new lead comes in to when the client signs an engagement agreement. This is my own setup, but I'm sure it can be improved. Let me k…
    Joseph Castelli 39 views 0 comments Started by Joseph Castelli Legal Marketing
  • Lisa Stratton
    Case timelines
    Does anyone have recommendations for a slick way to capture timelines of case facts in complex cases? I've seen references to apps, downloadable forms formatted for use with off-the-shelf software like MS Office programs, and software (SASS) suggest…
    Lisa Stratton 588 views 4 comments Most recent by JMartinuk Legal Technology
  • newlife2649
    Trust/IOLTA Accounting Audit
    For those of you who use trust accounting, would you be adequately prepared to pass a surprise audit on your trust accounting records? If you have been audited recently, could you share your thoughts on the process and what you think is the best wa…
    newlife2649 334 views 13 comments Most recent by JeremyDanilson General Discussion
  • ftourigny
    Scheduling Apps
    Hi there, We want to implement a scheduling system on our website and I was wondering what was the best scheduling app out there ? I tried calendly a while ago and found it pretty nice but maybe there are others out there ? What are your experien…
    ftourigny 809 views 12 comments Most recent by stefan.g Legal Technology
  • erinlevine
    Integrating Clio and Papercut??
    Hi All - Has anyone used papercut with clio? Clean integration? Any issues? Am I a jerk for billing clients for copies? ;-)
    erinlevine 317 views 1 comment Most recent by samglover Practice Management
  • ANewton
    Document Management for solo estate planning/corporate practice
    I left a 15 attorney law firm about a year ago to start my own estate planning/corporate practice. One of the things I miss was the document management system on a server we had called Worldox. It gave me the ability to create different versions o…
    ANewton 516 views 6 comments Most recent by PeterEIM Legal Technology
  • ct-esq
    Email Archive Solutions?
    Like many solo practitioners, I rely on email and like many of you, I routinely send some of my email to the "archive." Whether it is an IMAP folder on the mail server in the cloud or an archive folder in a PST, it gets moved somewhere. After six…
    ct-esq 357 views 6 comments Most recent by PaulSanto Practice Management
  • Lisa Stratton
    Litigation budget template?
    Does anyone have a template form that they use to estimate the likely out-of-pocket cost of litigating a case?
    Lisa Stratton 392 views 2 comments Most recent by ChrisHegarty Practice Management
  • newlife2649
    Law Practice Bookkeeping/Accounting Pain Points
    I am writing an article on the pains of lawyers with solo and small practices when it comes to taking care of their bookkeeping for the practice. So my questions are: What is the biggest pain you have when it comes to bookkeeping for your law pract…
    newlife2649 205 views 7 comments Most recent by SarahGold Practice Management
  • Wes Christensen
    Disabling Time Matters add-ins for Word
    I am having a problem with the bibliography feature in Word 2007. I have pretty much narrowed the problem down to a Time Matters add-in. That add-in is the only one running and when I run Word in safe mode, the problem goes away. Does anyone know…
    Wes Christensen 120 views 1 comment Most recent by BVSAttorney Legal Technology
  • piadinha
    Any feedback on Topform?
    We're planning on adding bankruptcy to our practice and looking at form and filing software. Does anyone have any thoughts on Topform from Fastcase? Or any good alternatives?
    piadinha 90 views 1 comment Most recent by samglover Legal Technology
  • Wes Christensen
    Anybody running Time Matters on a cloud server (VDS)?
    Is anybody out there running Time Matters on a virtual dedicated server (VDS or cloud server) who is available to talk to me about their experiences? Thanks
    Wes Christensen 216 views 1 comment Most recent by Brad Bayliff Legal Technology
  • gyitsakalakis
    Marketing Budget?
    Do you have a marketing budget? If so, how did you calculate it? What's in it? How often do you assess whether it needs adjustment?
    gyitsakalakis 360 views 9 comments Most recent by Majay Legal Marketing
  • Jamie Sutton
    Calculating Virtual Receptionist Minutes
    So here's a question, we're thinking about using Ruby Receptionists, Answer 1, Vicky Virtual, etc. etc. Some sort of virtual receptionist/scheduling service. But I haven't even the slightest idea where to begin calculating how many minutes we would …
    Jamie Sutton 256 views 5 comments Most recent by Majay Practice Management
  • Greg Broiles
    Business card designer/printer
    I'm looking for an online printer that will work up a business card design/template from one of my existing cards, and then print them (2 color) on reasonable stock at a reasonable price. I'm trying to find something in between VistaPrint and the su…
    Greg Broiles 848 views 26 comments Most recent by Majay General Discussion
  • alphaomegan
    Alternatives to Ruby Receptionists in light of price increase
    I have been using the virtual receptionist service Ruby Receptionists for over a year. They are the third virtual receptionist service I have used, and they're by far the best. It's not even close, really. Ruby just sent me an email informing me …
    alphaomegan 3.4K views 27 comments Most recent by Majay Practice Management
  • Wes Christensen
    Opinions on Cosmolex?
    Can anyone comment on their experience with an integrated, cloud-based legal software package called Cosmolex from Uptime Legal Software? Here's the website: http://www.uptimelegal.com/cloud/cosmolex/. I would be interested in these questions,…
    Wes Christensen 303 views 1 comment Most recent by samglover Practice Management

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