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Archives for July 2016
  • AFF
    Memes in offer letters
    Millenial lawyering alert - anyone use any particularly funny memes in response to ridiculous offer or demand letters?Something from Game of Thrones, perhaps? I can think of a couple times where it would have been fun to say "You know nothing" like …
    AFF 391 views 10 comments Most recent by jvjvlawbusmgr General Discussion
  • samglover
    Is anyone's law office a training gym in Pokémon Go?
    I know some of you are playing it. It's bigger than Twitter by now! I've even heard from one tax lawyer who is trying to take over all the training gyms near the IRS offices in his town. My girls love to catch Pokémon from the back of the car whe…
    samglover 631 views 25 comments Most recent by samglover General Discussion

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