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Archives for June 2015
  • jktlawyer
    Docusign in California Courts
    In CA, electronic signatures can be used on a contract to purchase a home. However, my interpretation of the California Rules of Court, and my experience practicing, is that electronic signatures cannot be used on court documents such as stipulation…
    jktlawyer 58 views 0 comments Started by jktlawyer General Discussion
  • samglover
    What are you reading this summer?
    I'm reading Jim Butcher's Codex Alera series. Each book starts out slowly, but after a few chapters they are impossible to put down. If you are into straight fantasy, anyway. I am also reading Allison Shields's book, How to Do More In Less Time: …
    samglover 101 views 12 comments Most recent by COJDRunner General Discussion
  • Felicity_Hardee
    Real Estate Closing Software
    I would be interested in input from other forum members about closing software. I am using SoftPro which, until recently, had good customer service and was very full featured. However, the customer service has really deteriorated and it is so expe…
    Felicity_Hardee 101 views 4 comments Most recent by Felicity_Hardee General Discussion
  • Josh Camson
    How Do You Take Notes on Your Laptop?
    When I'm in court for any kind of proceeding, I try to take notes on my laptop. I no longer use a tablet at all, so my options are laptop or paper. I usually just use MS Word but it's a bit clunky. For example, it's tough to keep track of possible c…
    Josh Camson 144 views 5 comments Most recent by COJDRunner General Discussion

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