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Archives for June 2012
  • PBS series, America Revealed
    I just ran across this series and I note that the presenter is a member of the profession. Not that he practices, but he has been around... anyway:   I thought I was an optimist who had no reason to be an optimist, which was driving me to being a …
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  • jeagar
    Hi from Grants Pass Oregon
     I've been following your blog for some time on my iPad. When I saw the reference to a discussion about web-based practice management software, I decided to visit the discussion board.   I am an estate planning attorney, and like to use whatever t…
    jeagar 1 view 1 comment Most recent by Andrew Shumate General Discussion
  • Andrew Nettleman
    Weird Stuff Afoot?
    Anyone else having problem with the recent posts widget on the left hand side of the screen? I also occasionally hit a thread that it says I can't read because I'm not logged in but I can read other threads without taking any action.
    Andrew Nettleman 1 view 17 comments Most recent by samglover General Discussion
  • joaniecmann
    Greetings from Puyallup, Washington (pr. pyoo-all-up)
    I’m pleased to join this community, and hope to lend some insight from this weird little corner of the IT consulting world. I have an understanding and deep experience in using technology to enable business processes, accounting and bookkeeping serv…
    joaniecmann 2 views 0 comments Started by joaniecmann General Discussion

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